The Saint of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

When taking her vows, she added Mary’s name to her name. She always had visions of Our Lady, but she never spoke of this mystical experience. She remained among the Visitandines for over twenty years, receiving extraordinary graces, but also performing many penances and mortifications, always with a smile on her face. However, the nuns and superiors did not believe her, in fact, they even mocked her, implying that she was sick or crazy.

Catholic-inspired companies working for equitable vaccines around the world

Pope Francis, who has been vaccinated against the virus, has spoken about about the altruistic and health value of vaccinations amid the pandemic, which is seeing a resurgence in many countries. But today, one of the challenges of Covid-19 vaccination efforts is guaranteeing an equitable distribution of vaccines around the world. To address this situation, some Catholic-inspired institutions and companies are working to give vulnerable communities and countries better access to health resources.


The arrival of the Dutch to Southeast Asia and East Asia forced the Portuguese and Spaniards, until then mutually hostile, to occasional collaborations, as they now had a powerful and determined rival willing to literally take the bread out of their mouths, or rather saying, and in this case, taking the spices out of the bags when they were already well stored.