A different Caritas Charity Bazaar under the pandemic

In view that Macau is impacted of Covid-19 during this period, in line with the Macau government’s prevention measures, the 52nd Caritas Macau Charity Bazaar originally scheduled to be held at Nam Van Lake on 6 -7 November 2021 shall ‘break up the whole into parts,’ whereby participating schools, associations and companies can choose to hold ‘mini-bazaar’ at their own premises on another date at their own discretion to support Caritas Macau. All donations from the ‘mini-bazaar’ shall be transferred to Caritas Macau to support the disadvantaged and welfare of people in need.

“Without passion, there can be no mission”

Adelino Ascenso, Superior General of the Good News Missionary Society,  was already a man on a mission long before he dedicated his life to God. The Portuguese priest decided to take the path to the priesthood after the age of thirty, an epiphany that came to him when he was a guest in a Tibetan monastery in Nepal. An artist converted into a soldier of God, the current helmsman of the Good News Missionary Society strode across Asia and Latin America driven by the same restlessness that led him to devote the rest of his life to missionary work. Father Adelino Ascenso in his own words.