Caritas campaign aims to feed two hundred people

September 19, 2021

Marco Carvalho

In a single weekend, Caritas collected enough groceries to feed close to one hundred people. Supported by the Lusophone Scouts Group of Macau (GELMac), the food donation campaign continues this Saturday and Sunday in two different Taipa Supermarkets.

“It’s an exercise of love and care. People can join us and show their concern for the needy.” The Secretary-general of Caritas Macau, Paul Pun Chin Meng, made a heartfelt appeal for local consumers to donate groceries and other food commodities to people in need. The organization launched a two weekends food drive in cooperation with two local supermarket chains. In the first weekend alone, Caritas managed to collect enough food to provide for roughly one hundred people. 

Previously promoted by the Lusophone Scouts Group of Macau, the initiative came in response to the immediate needs Caritas is currently facing, Paul Pun told to O Clarim: “This time we are promoting this initiative by ourselves. We decided to go ahead with this campaign because of our current needs. When we came across the needs of these individuals, many of them non-resident workers, we realized, we realized that we had to come up with something like this. The Lusophone Scouts promoted similar initiatives in the past, but they do so according to their plan of activities,” Secretary General of Caritas recalls. “There are many migrant workers who still face a lot of hardship. Without any support, they will surely face difficult times. By organizing this initiative, with the involvement of these supermarkets, we hope to be able to raise enough food to help those in need. One week ago, we already collected enough food to endorse our next activities. But by doing this, we are not just raising food. We are also raising awareness, saying that people can help those most in need by sharing whatever they can,” Paul Pun Chi Men adds.

During the first weekend of the campaign, Caritas collected enough food commodities to support roughly a hundred people. The organization hopes to collect a similar amount of donations this week, a quantity that would allow Caritas to feed “between one hundred and two hundred people,” Paul Pun told O Clarim.

Caritas is asking for the donation of white rice, noodles, cooking oil, biscuits, cereals, juice, milk, instant drinks, sauces and seasonings and formula milk for babies. The organization has the support of both the Supreme and Sang Cheong supermarkets. The two companies installed collection points for donations in their commercial units on Avenida Dr. Sun Yat Sen and Avenida dos Jardins dos Oceanos, both located in Taipa.