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Pastoral Center hosts pro-life seminar

admin / February 26, 2021

Ross Belle Santos-Balatbat

The Pastoral Care for Migrants held a pro-life seminar last February 13th from 9 am to 5 pm. The speaker was Sister Pamela Marie, of the Religious of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd (RGS), who is an active pro-life promoter. 

Sister Pamela received a very warm reception from the one hundred attendees for the informative and interesting topics that she presented. Some came and left depending on their work schedule, others committed the whole day of their first day of Chinese New year holiday in the center. 

Sister Pam initially reviewed the woman’s reproductive cycle as a springboard to present the benefits of natural family planning methods among husbands and wives.  In the afternoon she showed what a miracle of God’s love each of our lives is in view of the millions of previous generations which led up to our own creation. 

Another film showed the development of the male and female sex cells, to fertilization, to the growth and development of the embryo into a fetus then to its delivery as a newborn.  The role of the husband as the primary support system of the pregnant wife was also shown.

After one of the detailed video clips on human sexuality and how human life begins, Sr Rosa Villoria, RGS asked, “Who are the first-timers to attend this kind of seminar?” The majority of the audience were women and almost all of them admitted to be first-timers.  So, Sr Rosa emphasized to them how carefully God created man, the miracle of life, and how it begins.  She said, for example, how the male reproductive cell is uniquely chosen among millions to penetrate the matured ovum of the woman which is also one among millions.  Therefore, each one has to recognize how precious each human life is. With this information, one will be able to support a person in distress.

In the afternoon, films on abortion and post abortion healing were shown.

In between major topics were questions and answers, and there were a lot of queries that were clarified and fallacies corrected. 

Supplemental information was also given by Fr. Pedro Balde, SOLT, who facilitated the pro-life seminar.  Before the seminar concluded, Fr. Pedro also encouraged those who were available and willing to become part of the core group of the pro-life ministry.

Many pledged their commitment and signed up.