CARITAS AND ATFPM CELEBRATED CHILDREN’S DAY – Parents need to strike a balance between work and family

Caritas Macau Secretary-general, Paul Pun Chi Meng, urged parents last Sunday to find a balance between work and family. The remarks were made on the sidelines of an International Children’s Day bazaar hosted by the Catholic welfare organisation on Camões Garden.

Macau Caritas and the organizing committee of the International Children’s Day held the event with the aim of raising awareness of children’s rights. Talking to the Chinese language media, Mr Paul Pun sustained that many in Macau are still not familiar with the content of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Secretary-general of Caritas believes that the local authorities have been doing a good job by providing Macau’s children with education and medical welfare, but there are still certain social aspects that can be improved. Balance between work and family is one of them: “Parents need to strike a balance between work and family, learn how to manage motions and ease pressure on themselves and on their children, so that they can avoid domestic violence and other situations,” Mr. Pun Chi Meng told Ou Mun Iat Pou newspaper. “Its important, from the perspective of children, to live in a caring family and a harmonious community,” the Secretary-general of Caritas claimed.

The Catholic welfare organization was not the only one to celebrate the International Children’s Day. Last Saturday, the 1st of June, the Macau Civil Servants Association (ATFPM, from the association’s Portuguese name) also marked the date, by distinguishing the students who obtained a better school performance during the current academic year.

The initiative, which has been held continuously for the last 19 years, aims “to foster the personal development” of the children of the members of the Association headed by José Pereira Coutinho.

Last Saturday, Macau Civil Servants Association distributed coupons worth 300 and 500 patacas amongst more than one hundred students that excelled in the academic year, which is now coming to an end: “Strictly speaking, in economic terms the prize is not very significant. It is an incentive in the order of a few hundred patacas and a medal for those that received an honourable mention,” Pereira Coutinho told O Clarim.  “We have a committee that evaluates the grades. Some of these students are among the best of those studying in Macau schools. We are distinguishing those who had the best grades. Among them there are maybe some of the talents that Macau will need in the future,” the legislator added.

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