Bishop Stephen Lee Bun Sang, Bishop of Macau, announces the appointment for the next three years of the members of the Diocesan Commission for Life, effective on 1 May 2019:

President: Bishop Stephen Lee

Members: Mrs. Iu Ped Man, Mrs. Chu Yun Pik Marion, Mrs. Sam Nga In, Mr. Bernardino Paulo Azedo Lei,

Mrs. Wu Weng Sun, Mr. Edmundo Patricio Lopes Lao, Mrs. Wong Oi Lin, Mrs. Tam Chi Cheng,

Mr. Yp Weng Keong, Mr. Au Chi Keung, Mr. Pun Vai Kit, Mrs. Ana Maria Chao, Mrs. Tong Choi Kun,

Mrs. Ao Pou San, Mrs. Leong Kit U, Mrs. Chan Sze Hung, Mr. Chan Wai Chi, Mrs. Chan Ka Ian,

Mrs. Chan Ka Weng, Mrs. Benvinda dos Santos, Mrs. Fiona Vong, Mrs. Lei Chi Leng Francisca,

Mrs. Chu U Tong, Mrs. Chan Weng U, Mrs. Cheong Yin I, Mrs. Lou Fong Keng, Mrs. Pou Pui In,

Mrs. Chiu Hang Seong

Office Director: Mrs. Chiang Kuai Hou

Given at the Chancery Office, 23 April 2019.

Fr. Manuel Machado, MCCJ


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