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Pedro Daniel Oliveira

The British School in Tokyo Secondary Choir will perform tomorrow at the square of Macau Cathedral for a choral evening prayer. Comprising of 28 students, aged 12-17, the choral group directed by Simon Beston, assisted by Hannah Coates-Jones, makes its international debut touring Macau and Hong Kong.

CARITAS MACAU SUMMER YOUTH ACTIVITIES – Being active away from television

Pedro Daniel Oliveira

Caritas Macau is organizing a series of summer activities for the youth in order to keep them active during the school break and away from television.

SEASON FOR RELATIONSHIPS – Mr Chiaretto Yan’s Book On Church And Youth In China

Pedro Daniel Oliveira

The book Season for Relationships, by University of Saint Joseph (USJ) Visiting Professor Chiaretto Yan, is going to be available at the office of Claretian Publications Macau prior to its official launching ceremony.

His work gives a first-hand account of the Catholic Church and youth in China. “The world is rapidly changing. Evidently, there is a global shift of influence from the West to Asia. China has seen the biggest migration in human history when half of its poverty-laden rural population moved to the cities in the last 40 years and has faced many challenges,” Mr Yan told O CLARIM.


– Ross Belle Balatbat

Fathers are equally deserving of a day of praise like mothers on Mother’s Day. In most parts of the globe, Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June.  It is about recognizing the gift of caring that fathers show when they teach their child to explore new things, cheer them at a game, watch them perform during school programs and most importantly, act as a channel of God’s love in the lives of the next generation.  There is a famous Filipino tagline that describes the ideal of fatherhood: “haligi ng tahanan” (“pillar of the home”).  This involves several characteristics.

A WORLDWIDE CASE STUDY – Prof David Rodrigues On Inclusive Education In Portugal

– Pedro Daniel Oliveira

“Portugal is now a worldwide case study, because we are one of the countries of the world with a higher rate of students with difficulties and disabilities educated in regular schools. Those students are 98.5% in total,” University of Lisbon Professor David Rodrigues told O CLARIM last Wednesday.

2ND EDITION TO MEET DEMAN – First Volume Of History Of Salvation

Pedro Daniel Oliveira

O CLARIM is going to release the English and Chinese 2nd edition of History of Salvation – Time of Israel (first volume) during the 29th Hong Kong Book Fair, to be run on July 18-24.

JOURNEY OF THE HEART: A PILGRIMAGE FROM WITHIN – Helping others discover the beauty of the inner life

Featured Image By: Jason Choi

– Jasmin Yiu

Sister Marie-Anastasia Carré, CB (Community of the Beatitudes) is running an exhibition of paintings from June 8 to 30 entitled Journey of the Heart: A pilgrimage from within. The opening ceremony was held in front of the Macau Cathedral at 10:00 AM on Sunday, June 10, with the Bishop of Macau in attendance. It was followed by a demonstration by Sister Marie-Anastasia herself.

PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE DAY COMMEMORATED IN MACAU – “Change we fought for” an impetus for the future

– Pedro Daniel Oliveira

On June 12, the Consul-General of the Philippines in Macau Ms Lilybeth R. Deapera expressed confidence that bilateral relations between her country and Macau Special Administrative Region continue to strengthen in areas of cooperation explored by both parties, such as in judicial and legal matters, industries of tourism and hospitality, real estate and property, maritime transport services and logistics, garment manufacturing, and finance.


Pedro Daniel Oliveira


Daily distribution of food in Saint Lawrence’s Church gives hope to about 70 poor people. The program was introduced after the First World Day of the Poor on November 19, 2017. The Macau Social Welfare Bureau admits that there is poverty in the territory, although stressing the figures indicate a decline. Last year it had dealt with around 9,000 cases.

It’s 6:30 PM of Wednesday, June 6. Ms Tong (real name withheld) is seated in front of Saint Lawrence’s Church. She expects to receive a box full of rice and meat, or any kind of food, but the typhoon’s threat leaves an uncertainty in her mind. Is she leaving this time without anything to feed her stomach? “No one wants to know about me. Nobody cares to help me. At least I feel happy here, because I have some comfort,” she says in a somewhat dim voice.

ACADEMIA DE MÚSICA S. PIO X – New School Year Enrollment

Macao’s premier music institution, the Academia de Música S. Pio X of the Macao Diocese, will accept applications from 2-5 July for enrollment in the new school year 2018-2019. Places are available for courses in piano, violin, cello and composition.