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During the Solemnity of Sts Peter and Paul on June 29, the relics of the two saints were on display at the Cathedral during the Mass celebrated by Bishop Stephen Lee. The Diocese of Macau prayed for the entire Church, the diocese itself and vocations.

TOWARDS FULL AND CONSCIOUS PARTICIPATION – The evangelizing power of liturgical music

– Joni Cheng

It is in the Liturgy where the divine encounter and exchange of love between God and the faithful takes place.  Presuming a person has been apprenticed well, the Mass is the greatest opportunity for lifelong evangelization.  So what are the strengths and function of music as a liturgical sign for making the Mass an opportunity for evangelization?

MARIAN APPARITIONS (73) – Hrushiv, Ukraine

The first apparition actually occurred two weeks before World War I, on May 12, 1914, in the village of Hrushiv.  Twenty-two people, who were mowing fields near the local church of the Holy Trinity, all witnessed an apparition of the Virgin Mary.  She said to them, “There will be a war.  Russia will become a godless country.  The Ukraine, as a nation, will suffer terribly for eighty years – and will have to live through the world wars, but it will be free afterwards.” People gathered from the entire area to see the apparition – which lasted into the next day.

ASK THE LITURGIST (9) – The Communion rail

Enrico Finotti

In many of our churches the communion rail no longer exists and the presbytery lends itself to the access of all, who do not always respect the altar, making it hold the most varied things: sheet music in concerts, cleaning garments, projectors in recitals, etc. Every observation on this subject bothers and attracts the irony of some priests too.

BITE-SIZE PHILOSOPHY (070) – What is cooperation with evil?

FEATURED IMAGE: vreichel in Pixabay

Rev José Mario O Mandía

We have seen how complex life can be and now we will look at one more of those complexities. It could happen that we may have done an act that is good in itself, with good intentions and under good circumstances. But what if that act facilitates the evil act of another?

For example, let us say one day you are in a friend’s house, and the weather being warm, you decide to open the window. That, in itself, is a good act. Eventually you leave the house, forget the open window, and a robber comes in and runs away with many valuables. This example reminds us of the act with multiple consequences (Bite-Size Philosophy 68). When an action helps another person commit an evil act, it is called “cooperation with evil” (or “cooperation in evil”) Can a person cooperate in another’s evil act?

RESTORING DIGNITY AND LIFE TO ISRAEL – 1 July 2018 – 13TH Sunday In Ordinary Time (B)

Wis 1:13-15; 2:23-24; 2 Cor 8:7; 9:13-15; Mk 5:21-43

Fr Fernando Armellini SCJ
Claretian Publications, Macau

The passage proposes two miracles: one, the healing of a sick woman and the other, raising the daughter of Jairus. These miracle stories carry hidden signs. The unnamed woman is impure for twelve years. The evangelist highlight the number twelve. Remember, the age of Jairus’ daughter: “She was twelve years old” Twelve is the symbol of the people of ‘Israel’, which is a feminine name.

The impurity of the woman and the absence of life of the child indicate the dramatic condition of the woman Israel whose spiritual leaders are not only unable to cure her of the illness, but feels revulsion and isolates her.

CHURCH FATHERS (22) – Saint Cyprian


We have seen previously, that the first centuries of Christian era were not times of peace and love. Indeed there were many fights, controversies, disputes to defend the Catholic faith. Often all these fights, controversies and disputes were done by converts to Catholicism, meaning people who certainly knew very well also the other side. This was the case of Cyprian, born in Carthage from a pagan noble family (around 210).

MARIAN APPARITIONS (72) – Santa Fe, United States Of America

In the North Chapel of the beautiful cathedral of Santa Fe, stands a little statue (scarcely three feet tall) of Our Lady holding the Child Jesus. It was skillfully carved by loving hands in Spain. Mary is clad in a richly embroidered dress, topped by a jeweled crown. Her regal countenance wears a serene, detached expression that is strangely impressive. This is Our Lady of Conquest, or La Conquistadora.


– Vittorio Messori

The saintly curate of Ars – whom Pius XI proclaimed patron of the all parish priests – said with a phrase that many considered paradoxical, perhaps excessive, as happens to saints who, to us mediocre, often seem exaggerated: “Leave a country without a parish priest and after one year they will worship beasts.” Note that, in his time, there was still no trace of one of the ideologies that mark our time: that animalism that not only requires the sacred respect for every creature of God, but that considers animals equal if not superior to human beings.

BITE-SIZE PHILOSOPHY (69) – What is situation ethics?

FEATURED IMAGE: Pixel2013 at Pixabay

– Rev José Mario O Mandía

What happens when we ignore the object of the act (finis operis)? If we ignore the morality of the act itself, then we will have to rely only on our good intention (Bite-Size Philosophy 66) or on the circumstances to judge the moral value of our act. By relying only on these two elements, we can fall into what is called  “situation ethics,” or to “consequentialism,” or to “proportionalism.”