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APOLOGIA (16) – Can we say that God has Wisdom?

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Objection 1: Wisdom, seems to be a human thing. We praise the wisdom of our forefathers. But God is not human, so it is not possible to say that He has wisdom.

Objection 2: Often there are things happening to us that are against our sense of justice, against what is logical and what is good. But if we say that everything come from God, so we have to say that He is not as wise as we think.

On the contrary,  in Psalm 147 (5) it is said: “Our Lord is great and has awesome power; there is no limit to his wisdom.”

MARIAN APPARITIONS (61) – Tuscany, Italy

At one time in Viterbo there was a certain man named Mastro Baptist Magnano Iuzzante, who was a very God-fearing devotee of the glorious Virgin Mary. He hired a painter named Monetto in the year 1417 to paint an image on a tile of the most glorious Virgin Mary holding her Son in her arms. Mastro Baptist then lovingly laid the tile on an oak tree that stood at the edge of his vineyard, near the road leading to Bagnaia and along which robbers often awaited to attack unwary travelers.

CHURCH FATHERS (16) – Saint Melito of Sardis


We have noticed before, talking about other Church Fathers, that their situation was different from ours because of the time distance but there are also some similarities. As an example, lots of these folks had to deal with an hostile external environment and they had to fight their way to gain respect. We can learn a lot from them, learn that we are followers of Christ who has won the world, not won by the world seeking its suffocating embrace.


Acts 4:32-35; I John 5:1-6; Jn 20:19-31
Shiu Lan

Thomas was a loyal Apostle who loved Jesus dearly. We have all heard about Jesus’ raising Lazarus from the dead. Jesus wanted to go to Bethany to see Lazarus after hearing the news of Lazarus’ illness. It was a dangerous place for Jesus to go to at that time because some people there were trying to stone him. Thomas loved Jesus so much that he said to his fellow disciples “Let us also go, that we may die with him.”  (John 11: 16)

ASK THE LITURGIST (3) – Homily by lay people?

Enrico Finotti

In our parish, when on some occasions there are important guests (missionaries, nuns or other personalities) the parish priest entrusts to them the homily, even if they are non-ordained lay or religious. Is it possible?

We need to understand what the homily is. It is the proclamation of the Gospel accomplished with the authority of Christ. The sacred minister, in fact, acts in the name of Christ the head of the Church and in this capacity exercises the munus docendi (the office of teaching), according to the degree proper to the Order received.

MARIAN APPARITIONS (60) – Pierre Noire, Portugal

The Shrine of Our Lady of Nazareth, known in Portugal as Nossa Senhora da Nazare, is found in the village of Nazare on the Atlantic coast in Portugal. Indeed, the village is named after this miraculous statue of the Blessed Mother and the Christ Child that was brought to the area many centuries ago. According to tradition, this miraculous image was carved by the hands of Saint Joseph, the foster-father of Christ, while in the very presence of the Infant Jesus and the Mother of God. Later, the faces and hands of the images were painted by Saint Luke the Evangelist. This remarkable image is still preserved in a church where it can be viewed by anyone, and the story surrounding it is a fascinating one.

A PILGRIM’S NOTES – The Lord’s Cross and our cross

Fausto Gomez OP

“Anyone who has a true devotion to the Passion of the Lord must contemplate Jesus on the cross, with the eyes of his heart, that Jesus’ flesh is his own” (St Leo the Great).

Near the celebration of Good Friday, I wish to meditate with you on the cross of our Lord, and on our cross. Fray Luis de Granada after reading the Passion of Our Lord was going to preach on it. He started: “The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ according to St. John.” And he began to cry and could not continue. Perhaps, it was – they said – his best sermon! And he preached many excellent sermons!

BITE-SIZE PHILOSOPHY (057) – How can one be sure?

Rev José Mario O Mandía

We have seen that truth is based on what exists, on what is real. When we are confronted with reality, because of our freedom, we can respond to it [that reality] in at least three ways, we can hold three possible attitudes to it: certainty, opinion or doubt. Note well that while truth refers to “state of affairs” (the way things are), these three attitudes refer to different “states of mind” (what I think about them).

WHAT SUFFERING MEANS FOR A CHRISTIAN – Participants in the Redemption of Christ

Miguel Augusto (*)

The most difficult question of a believer, to bear and to understand, is the cause of human suffering, which in certain cases, is taken and lived to the extreme and, in others, taken as unjust or incomprehensible.

When we have to carry a cross, we look up and ask: “Why me? How can I endure it? Does God listen to my prayers? How can I live and, what is the reason for my suffering, my life in God’s plan?”

APOLOGIA (15) – Can we talk of a living God?


Objection 1: It seems that we cannot say that God is living, because things that are alive move, transform and die but He is not like that.

Objection 2: We talk of living things when they were properly brought to life. But if God is eternal, cannot be considered as “living” under these premises.