USJ Hosts Faculty Development Programme 2023 on ‘Internationalisation in Higher Education’

Higher Education Professionals from across Asia-Pacific Attend Event

O Clarim News Bureau (English)

The Faculty Development Programme 2023: “Internationalisation in Higher Education” was successfully co-organized by the USJ and the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP), engaging professionals from the Asia-Pacific region to the event hosted at the USJ Ilha Verde campus.

The 3rd Faculty Development Programme, co-organised by the Association of Universities of Asia and the Pacific (AUAP) and the University of Saint Joseph (USJ), Macao took place from July 10 to 12, 2023.

This edition, themed “Internationalisation in Higher Education,” had the key objective of providing higher education managers and administrative staff within the AUAP community with the tools to become more effective agents in the internationalisation process of their institutions. The program welcomed keynote speeches from the Secretary General of AUAP, Dr Anoop Swarup and the former AUAP President and Chairman of the AUAP Advisory Council, Dr Peter P. Laurel, to present respectively on the trends in Asia-Pacific Higher Education and AUAP as an internationalism platform in Asia.

At the opening ceremony, the rector of USJ, Rev’d Prof. Stephen Morgan, shared the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic when bridging academic endeavors internationally, particularly for internationalisation initiatives such as the Faculty Development Programme, and emphasised that continued efforts in internationalisation within the current globalised intellectual sphere will be essential.

Vice-rector Álvaro Barbosa echoed this sentiment during his presentation with the director of Saint Paul Institute in Cambodia, Mr Phon Sophal, that with Macao being situated at the center of the fast-growing Eastern world, the ability to be significant while geographically small should be recognised to propel internationalisation efforts between China’s higher education and that of the Western counterparts.

The program was attended by overseas and local scholars and higher education administrators, including speakers Mrs Madga Ferro, Head of the International Office at the Universidade Católica Portuguesa; Prof. Maria Cecilia Cuison, Director of the Office for Student Affairs at the University of Santo Tomas Philippines; Mr Phon Sophal, Director of Saint Paul Institute in Cambodia; and Dr Catherine Castañeda and Ms Nestley Sore from Adamson University, Philippines. There were presenters from USJ Macao: Prof. Álvaro Barbosa, Vice-rector for Internationalisation and Academic Affairs; Dr Teresa Loong, Director of the Office for Students and Alumni Affairs; Prof. Adérito Fernandes-Marcos, Coordinator of the Doctoral Programmes; Prof. Rochelle Ge, Dean of the School of Education; Prof. Karen Tagulao from the Institute of Science and Environment; and Mr Joshua Lash-Ballew, Regional Manager of International Affairs. Prof. Ansoumane Douty Diakité, Head of the Department of Law and Public Policy, was moderator for the two-day sessions.

The program concluded with a cultural tour for visiting participants through the distinctive UNESCO Heritage Historical Centre of Macao.

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