St Paul’s School Macau celebrates Anniversary Thanksgiving Mass

The anniversary of St. Paul’s School was on 25 January, but due to the pandemic, the school celebrated its 51st anniversary thanksgiving Mass earlier, on January 21. The Mass was officiated by the Principal Fr. Chen Xin Wang, accompanied by Fr. Lawrence The Reh and Fr. Fan Ya Cheng.  

To comply with the pandemic prevention measures, some of the students representing Secondary, Primary and Kindergarten attended the Mass in the school hall, and the rest of the students watched the live broadcast in the classrooms. Nevertheless, this did not affect their respect and gratitude to God.

In his homily, the principal encouraged the students to follow the example of St. Paul the Apostle, who although he did not believe in God at first and even persecuted the believers, changed completely after his conversion, and went everywhere to bear witness and preach the Gospel of the Lord. He experienced a lot of difficulties, setbacks, and storms, but he did not give up and persisted to bear witness to truth, a lesson worth learning for all of us. Fr Chen encouraged teachers and students to follow the example of St. Paul the Apostle, and be persistent, have a truth-seeking heart and attitude, be not afraid of difficulties, be able to face our mistakes and be brave to correct them.