Diocese to promote monthly prayer meetings for mothers

Marco Carvalho

Starting from February until December, the Diocesan Center, on Rua Formosa, will host a prayer meeting once a month, aimed at mothers that are willing to pray for their family and for their relatives’ intentions. The initiative, which was first organized in 2021 with great success, is being once again promoted by the Macau Catholic Family Advisory Council. 

The Macau Catholic Family Advisory Council will organize once again one of the most successful initiatives it has promoted over the past few months. Starting from February and until December, the organization will run a total of eleven monthly prayer meetings, aimed at local mothers.

In 2021, the success of the “Prayer Meetings for Mothers” surprised the Macau Catholic Family Advisory Council. The adherence to the initiative was so good and the feedback of the participants was so positive that the organization will not only continue to promote the prayer meetings, but is also considering the creation of a new prayer group: “These monthly prayer meetings are aimed mainly at mothers, so that can pray for their family and the needs of their children. The Catholic Advisory Council started to organize these meetings one year ago and the response was so satisfactory that we decided to promote these meetings once again this year”, Veronica Pou, secretary general of Catholic Family Advisory Council told O CLARIM. “Last year, twelve mothers took part in these meetings and they were very satisfied with the way the initiative evolved over time. Now, we hope to attract a few more mothers. Our aim is to create a second prayer group, which is something we will do, as long as we can attract more than six new participants,” Mrs. Pou added.

The Macau Catholic Family Advisory Council aims to gather between eight and twelve mothers in each monthly meeting, in order “to allow a deeper sharing between the participants.” In a short text posted on Facebook, the Advisory Council describes the “Prayer Meeting for Mothers” as an initiative “for mothers who wish to pray for all their family members and for the intentions of their family members.” The organization invites “all mothers and grandmothers” to join the initiative and to join a group that also aims to assert itself as a platform in which the members can share their concerns.

The Diocesan Center on Rua Formosa will host the monthly meetings, with the first one taking place on February 19th. The initiative is then repeated on the 19th of March (the feast day of Saint Joseph), the 23rd of April, the 21st of May, the 18th of June, the 23rd  of July, the 20th of August, the 17th of September, on the 22nd October, the on November 19th and finally on December 10th, at the rate of one meeting per month.