How about heaven?

  It is noteworthy to underline that the textbooks of classical moral theology start with the ultimate end, which is the first in intention and the last in execution. The ultimate end is the beatitude, heaven, eternal life: union with God. We all have been created by God to inhabit “the heavenly city.”

Being prepared or superficial?

The first two days of the Easter Triduum, Holy Friday and Holy Saturday, are truly singular from the point of view of the liturgical signs and their balance is rather delicate. It is expected that on these austere days, the candles will be completely extinguished and the altar will be bare. In its concrete realization, this indication undergoes difficulties that many have pointed out, which, however, must be overcome in order to give the two days a liturgical configuration that is truly consistent with the mystery celebrated and suitable for expressing it effectively.

Mary’s majesty and mercy

In the medieval image kept in Santa Maria in Trastevere, the Madonna is the queen of mercy, indeed she is merciful as a queen. Basically, it summarizes what will be sung a few centuries after the making of this icon in one of the Marian antiphons still best known today: Salve Regina, mater misericordiae. Mary is queen and mother of mercy and the two are not in contradiction.