LAUDATO SI’: The Society of Jesus’ Environmental Protection Workshop

In response to the ecological crisis, Pope Francis issued the Laudato Si’ encyclical on 18 June 2015 with the hope that the world will cooperate in restoring the earth to the beauty of God’s creation through awareness, reflection, action, education, and sharing of success.

The Society of Jesus issued the Universal Apostolic Preferences 2019-2029 and raised four priority concerns and recommended revealing the path to the Kingdom, listening to the cries of the poor, accompanying young people on their journey, and caring for our home.

The Society took the thee “To see all things new in Christ” to celebrate the Ignatian Year 500 on 20 May 2021 to 31 July 2022. The Society of Jesus set up a group to study and promote the Pope’s encyclical Laudato Si’. The group held a workshop in Largo De Santo Agostinho to encourage people to be take care of ecology and harmony with nature. There were about 30 participants.

 The event started with a prayer with songs and videos of the “World Earth Day”. Fr. Fernando Pablo Azpiroz Costa spoke about how to listen to the cries of the earth, and said that everything has its own purpose and usage. He led the participants to reflect on their own behaviors and habits. He analyzed the “Throw-away culture” in the world of today.

Do we want to continue Genesis or destroy it? The group reviewed the Old Testament of Genesis, to look at the process of God’s creation, which reveals God’s infinite love and care for the mankind.

Afterwards Fr. Chan Tsun Wai took the participants on a tour of the various facilities for environmental protection. The participants were inspired, and learned that the members of the Society of Jesus used the savings for studies. In addition, the team members also set up the a Facebook group of Laudato Si’ to let more people share in the concern for the environment.

The event was successfully concluded after the “Awareness Check.” Before the participants left, they were given a small environmental protection gift made by the team, with the hope that participants follow the steps recommended by Pope Francis in order to cooperate with God to look after our common home and prepare for future generations.

The Society of Jesus will hold another environmental protection event on 9 April 2022 at the Vila Mateus Ricci in Cheoc Van.