BASILIA SAM: “It is my hope that the new premises will become a home for music”

New opportunities, but also new responsibilities. The Saint Pius X Music Academy has started the new academic year in its new premises, at Rua da Praia do Bom Parto. The change, says the institution’s director, allowed the recruitment of new teachers and opened the doors to new development perspectives, but also to greater challenges and obligations. The institution currently teaches nearly two hundred students. Mr. Basilla Sam spoke with O Clarim about the road ahead. 

September 20: Saint Pius X, Ernesto Nathan and Ernesto Buonaiuti

For most devout Catholics, the date of 20th September, especially at the beginning of the last century, was not a day to celebrate. It was a day that commemorated the end of the temporal power of the Popes, a historical event that took place, which was too overwhelming and heartbreaking at least for most Catholics. In fact, recent historiography has also highlighted the purely anti-Catholic aspect of the Risorgimento, the role of Freemasonry which was certainly not secondary.

Missionaries From Macau to the World: Saint Lazarus Islands (62)

Investigators Jin Guo Ping and Wu Zhiliang refer us to the Guangdong Tongzhi (Guangdong General Chronicle) by Jin Guangzhu: “On the 5th day of the 8th moon of the 26th year (July 24, 1598) of the Wanli Reign (1573 – 1615), people from Lução suddenly came to anchor in Haojing’ao (Baía de Vieira, Macau), requesting the presentation of tributes. The governor of Guangdong,  deeming their entry illegal, decided to expel them. The Portuguese of Macau also reinforced their defense, preventing the landing of the luções.

Christmas day

Coming back from school, my son, who is in elementary school, told me: “Dad, today the teacher told us that Jesus was not born on December 25th. That the cold and frost that the Child suffered is all an invention, because the first Christians who celebrated Christmas, took it from an ancient pagan festival …” I have not been able to answer this question. Indeed, this news has shaken me too. Can you tell me something about it?

“Defending the Faith Without Raising Your Voice”

The story goes back to March 2010, when Benedict XVI’s visit to Britain was announced for September 16-19 of that year. The atheist leaders responded with a ferocious campaign. Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens proposed that, on arrival, the Pope be put in jail and tried by the British courts. The press announced that the visit would cost £19 million, raising an outcry of scandal.