Catholic Center Ground Breaking Ceremony

September 10, 2021

The redevelopment of the Catholic Center of the Diocese of Macau in the central district has been approved by the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau and a permit for the project has been issued.

The Catholic Center has been a landmark in Macau over the past half century. The new Catholic Center is a 17-storey building designed in the form of an embrace, with a cross at the top to symbolize the presence of God the Savior, and a large line painting at the entrance to the facade of Avenida da Praia Grande, saying “Come and see!” This is an invitation to the public to visit the building. The focal point of the building’s design is the broad stone staircase – the Stairway to Heaven – which leads visitors from the lobby up to the various floors: on the ground floor is the exhibition hall; on the first floor is the arts and cultural exchange area; on the third floor is the chapel and venues for spiritual activities.

The Catholic Center has three functions: 1) Exhibition – to display information about the Catholic Church and the Diocese of Macau; 2) Formation – to provide information, opportunities and a venue to promote the exchange of Christian faith; 3) Hospitality in the Christian tradition – the building has 131 rooms and a restaurant. In addition, there is a lecture theatre for 180 people, and multi-purpose meeting rooms, which will be available for hire.

The redevelopment of the Catholic Center is being carried out by Catherine of Siena  Construction & Project Management Company Ltd. and works on the building will commence after the groundbreaking ceremony. The construction is scheduled to be completed in 2024.