Doing Small Things with Great Love

The Sisters of Charity Mission celebrated Mother St Teresa’s Day on Sunday, September 5, at 10:00 am. As always, families and seniors were invited to join the Sunday Mass.

The Mass was celebrated by Fr Joseph Chow, SDB. In his homily, Fr Chow mentioned that although the Sisters sometimes have to help the deaf and dumb in noisy places, they always take them to a quiet place to listen to the voice of God.

Father also remarked that great love is not equal to doing great things, but that great love begins with serving people in all the small things.

Finally, Fr Chow shared that nowadays everyone has a cell phone, but the poor may not have the latest smartphone. We should learn to put down our mobile phones and let go of these external temptations to listen to the voice of God.

After the Mass, the sisters and volunteers gathered with families, elderly and street sleepers from different parts of the world for a meal to end the festival in a joyful and harmonious mood.

May the Lord reward them for their service and encourage more brothers and sisters in Macau to support the work of the community of Missionary Sisters of Charity. (BKI)