Macau Diocesan Commission for Life organizes “Environmental Talk and Recycling Campaign”

The work of the Macau Diocesan Commission for Life is to promote a holistic ecological vision of humanity and social scope, in accordance with the call and teaching of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato si’, from the point of view of the well-being of the human family, the quality of social life, environmental protection, medical and scientific ethics, and the culture of cherishing the body. This is one of the services of the Society.

What can parishioners do to improve the living conditions of the least of our brothers? To this end, the Commission will hold a “Seminar on Environmental Protection and Recycling Action” to deepen our understanding of waste reduction at source and recycling, so that one can practice environmental protection more effectively under the guidance of God and work for a better future.

The Seminar includes a talk – “Protecting the environment is what we can do to the least of our brothers and sisters” – as well as a recycling section from 19 – 25 September, 2021.

Please consult the Life Commission website for more details. (BKI)