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MOTHER’S MEAL – Can you lend a hand to Ethiopia?

admin / May 7, 2021

In the wake of the second wave of the pandemic in India, Mother’s Meal has started the distribution of hot food in the city of Bangalore. Since April 26, we have launched a program called “Food at your door steps” and started a kitchen in the beginning to supply food. Yesterday we commissioned the third kitchen and distributed 870 meals. Our volunteers are working hard day and night to arrange hospital beds, oxygen supplies and food for the affected mainly in Bangalore.

The next destination for Mother’s Meal is Ethiopia.  The Macau unit of Mother’s Meal has decided to extend support to the parish of Fr Abiyot Desaleng in Itang, Gambella, Ethiopia which covers six villages near the border with South Sudan. Aside from the feeding program, some 130 women will be provided livelihood opportunities, specifically through animal husbandry.

MOP 600 can take care of a family for one month.

Those who would like to support the Ethiopian project could send your help to the following account: Bank of China, 聖母聖心愛子會 180 301 102 725 528.