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admin / December 22, 2020

(VATICAN NEWS) On the night of 12th December, a group of unidentified vandals entered the Church of Our Lady of Valvanera, in the city of Pitalito, in the southeastern part of Colombia.

They broke open the Tabernacle, and stole the ciborium and monstrance, along with several other religious objects. The thieves also threw the consecrated hosts on the floor.

In response, the Bishop of Garzón, Fabio Duque Jaramillo, released a statement on Tuesday decrying the desecration of the Eucharist.

The Bishop added that the event represented a “serious violation of the people’s religious rights.”

He urged civil authorities to investigate the incident.

The Church of Our Lady of Valvanera will remain closed for 15 days.  On 28th December, Bishop Duque will celebrate a Mass of Reparation, in response to this act of desecration.

Tej Francis