AT THE SÉ CATHEDRAL Solidarity Mass for Portugal

Fr Leonard Dollentas

In mid-March, Portugal declared a state of emergency to step up their fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that was threatening the country. The spread of the virus was contained thanks to the rapid and decisive action by the Portuguese government. It decreed a total lockdown when it only had a handful of cases.

But after social distancing was relaxed, new clusters of infections emerged recently. This worried many Portuguese, including those living in Macau, who have their loved ones in Portugal.

For this reason, the English-speaking community of the Sé Cathedral decided to offer an online Solidarity Mass for Portugal last Sunday May 10, 2020 during the community Mass at 5:00 PM. A heartfelt prayer for the end of the pandemic in Portugal and in the whole world was read by the family of Miguel Augusto, a Portuguese family in Macau, after which they offered flowers to Our Lady of Fatima.

Amid this period of uncertainties, we find ways in Macau to offer support for each other, even with a simple prayer. The Mass was an opportunity to reach out to God and pray for Portugal. This is an opportunity to remind ourselves how indispensable solidarity is: “We were surprised by an unexpected and angry storm, but we realized we were in the same boat. In this boat we are all like the disciples who speak with one voice and, with anguish, say ‘we are lost.’ We also realize that we cannot go on our own, but only together” (Pope Francis, March 2020).