– Ross Belle Santos-Balatbat

Then their eyes were opened, and they recognized Him. (Luke 24:31)

Many among us this year have experienced various forms of negativity with the global crisis. Pope Francis said that this is not a judgment from God, but a time to judge ourselves.  These faith challenges and our sinfulness can cause our blindness.  This Easter, let’s take a risk on the Risen Lord and always believe in His promise of salvation. Then we will see beyond the sorrows and the sufferings. Let the fire of the Holy Spirit transform our weaknesses into strength and let us be a Resurrected Christ to others. 

Pope Francis said,  addressing God, “it is not the time of your judgment, but of our judgment: a time to choose what matters and what passes away, a time to separate what is necessary from what is not. It is a time to get our lives back on track” (Urbi et Orbi, March 27).

Let us not be overwhelmed by grief and discouragement. Let us go beyond the pain and recognize God’s plan for us.

Easter should also resurrect, renew, and transform us, making our faith a part of our daily routines. If Easter does not do this to us, then the Lenten season will only be a sentimental tradition that is futile and useless.

On the Road to Emmaus, the two disciples abandoned Jerusalem and the rest of the disciples and went to a village called Emmaus. The Risen Jesus appeared to them, unrecognized. He asked them what was going on, He pretended not to know and, listening and giving them room to express their frustrations. And at the appropriate time, He explained to them everything that had happened in the light of Scriptures. Jesus cared and comforted them before confronting them. Then their eyes were opened and they recognized Him. 

This is the time for us to confront ourselves. It may hurt, but let us trust the Lord, and we will be healed. Every day we can reflect on the Scriptures to help us recognize self-deception.  Let us rise from our sinfulness. Let us learn to differentiate the lies from reality, seeing ourselves with the help of God’s grace.   Through our transformation, others will truly experience a Resurrected Christ through us.