REFLECTION ON THE NCOV CRISIS – An occasion to boost physical and spiritual immunity

– Ross Belle Santos-Balatbat

The NCOV crisis can lead to positive changes to families and individuals. Globally,  governments are giving guidelines and directives on how to combat the virus on a daily basis and boost our body’s immune system.   On the other hand, year in and year out, the liturgy of the Church, provides means to enhance spiritual immunity.

With the threat of NCOV, so many people are staying at home and spending more time with their families. With this, many too are able to find rest with the Lord as their prayer life improves in response to the call of the Church.  Relationships with family members and relatives as well as with the Lord have improved, deepened and are developing because of the availability of time.   

No one has been able to go out for their daily exercise. So they exercise at home. For those not able to go to church, there are online Masses, daily morning and evening prayers and group video calls for the daily recitation of the Holy Rosary. 

Civil authorities have strongly encouraged proper hygiene especially hand washing and proper wearing of masks.  On the other hand, when confession schedules were made available, the faithful were able to take advantage of the sacrament to do some spiritual cleansing. 

Residents became conscious of their fluid intake of warm drinks and foods rich in vitamins and of keeping a balanced diet. On the spiritual side, when daily Mass and confession schedules had resumed there was an increase in the number of parishioners  

These activities and intake in our daily life have led the faithful to truly strengthen their physical and spiritual immunity and lead us to believe that a greater good can arise from the crisis.