– Corrado Gnerre

I am a young man and I often find myself arguing with some friends who unfortunately do not share the Faith with me. We find ourselves talking about God and they deny his existence. To my objection that the order that exists in nature cannot be the result of chance, they object that reality is far from orderly. On the contrary, they often cite chaos theorists who would try to highlight how everything is in the name of disorder. What can you tell me about it? What advice can you give me?

Dear …, the first advice I give you is to tell your friends clearly that the development of science confirms that the universe has a logic. And if it has logic there are two conclusions to be drawn.

The first: logic presupposes a mind that has thought of it and put it into being.

The second: logic requires the recognition of a constant order. Therefore it imposes the recognition of a law, which is the presupposition of the truth according to which authentic freedom does not lie in denying the law, but in recognizing what is established before the exercise of freedom itself. Law and logic precede everything.

But rightly you say that your friends deny the existence of this logic, and then my advice is to inform your friends of this news. Some time ago the newspapers told us that some astrophysicists have discovered that the universe is like a huge hologram. Wikipedia says: “A hologram is created with the technique of holography by impression of a plate or holographic film using a coherent light source (laser).”

Let’s go back to the news. wrote: “Our universe would be a large and complex hologram. To show the first evidence of what was already hypothesized in 1990 is an international study published in Physical Review that involved theoretical physicists and astrophysicists from the United Kingdom, Italy and Canada. The researchers published observation tests that would then explain a 2D holographic view of the universe. The study may open new scenarios on Big Bang theory and quantum gravity, one of the deepest problems of theoretical physics.”

Let’s go back to the definition: A hologram is created with the holography technique by impression of a plate or holographic film … Now, there are two important reflections to be made.

The First: There can be no hologram without an impression, so there must be a cause that determined this impression. The Second: The hologram comes out of a model that exists independently of its execution, that is, a codified plate, designed and conceived. This is what natural and Christian philosophy affirms: creation is modeled according to the Eternal Law which is an intrinsic and ontological expression of the nature of God, which is Logos. Eternal Law which in the understanding of man becomes Natural Law.

This is an affirmation, which is of natural and Christian philosophy, but which also embraces all those correct affirmations that are already present in ancient philosophy. The universe was created through a model, and this can be “deduced.” As happens with holograms that are in 2D, but that can be three-dimensional. In short, a long time to give reason to what Plato and St. Thomas had already said. And this is not logical!

Dear …, greet your friends affectionately on my behalf and do not fail to tell them that there is no logic … in denying the logic of the universe!

(From La buona battaglia. Apologetica cattolica in domande e risposte, 2019©Chorabooks. Translated by Aurelio Porfiri. Used with permission of the publisher. All rights reserved)