CHANCERY NOTICE – Continued Suspension of Public Liturgical Services until 6th March 2020 & Work Resumption for Diocesan Staff on 20th February 2020


In view of the continuing epidemic and the call for public health precautions, the Diocese has decided to prolong the existing preventive measures as follows:

1. All public Masses and other liturgies in parishes and communities continue to be suspended (including the Ash Wednesday Liturgy and the Procession of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus) until 6th March 2020. Churches will remain closed. The faithful are advised to minimise participation in outdoor activities and gatherings.

2. The regular live broadcast of Masses online will continue (

3. Ash Wednesday (26th February)

● All faithful having reached the age of 14 should observe abstinence. Faithful from the age 18 until 59 should also observe fasting.

● So as to worthily begin the holy season of Lent, the faithful are encouraged especially on that day to watch the live broadcast of Mass at home, meditate on the Scriptures, and practise other pious devotions such as saying the Rosary, exercise self-discipline, mortification, penances, reduce entertainment and perform charitable works,

4. Due to the cancellation of this year’s Procession of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus (Bom Jesus), the following events will be broadcast live online onsite instead:

20th -28th February – Novena Devotion to the Passion of Our Lord Jesus

7:45 am Holy Mass (Cantonese) & Novena Prayer

6:00 pm Holy Mass (Portuguese) & Novena Prayer

29th February (Sat)

7:45 am Holy Mass (Cantonese) & Novena Prayer

6:00 pm Anticipated Holy Mass (Portuguese) followed by Sermons and Prayers for the Passion of Our Lord

Jesus Devotion (Portuguese & Cantonese)

1st March (Sun)

3:00 pm Sermon (Portuguese), Prayer before the Procession, Way of the Cross (in Cantonese & Portuguese),

Sermon (Cantonese), Blessing with the Holy Relic of the True Cross.

The above special arrangements for the Passion of the Our Lord Jesus Devotion do not affect the normal schedule for the live broadcast of Masses online:

Weekdays 7:45 (Cantonese), 6:00 pm (Portuguese)

Sundays 9:15 (Cantonese), 11:00 am (Portuguese), 5:00 pm (English)

5. Diocesan staff may resume work from 20th February 2020 following the directions of respective department heads.

Please take appropriate precautions such as wearing masks and washing hands frequently.

6. Please keep up with the latest announcements from the Diocese.

Given at the Chancery Office, 16th February 2020

Rev. Cyril Jerome LAW, Jr.

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