– Marco Carvalho

The University of Saint Joseph (USJ) and Caritas will distinguish the best master’s thesis in the domain of social work, Father Peter Stilwell told O Clarim.

Father Peter Stilwell, rector of the University of Saint Joseph, considers the prize as a further stimulus for students attending the Master’s course in social work that was launched by USJ at the beginning of this academic year: “Caritas offered itself to provide this kind of support and publish the best Master’s degree dissertation. We launched a Master’s degree in Social Work that opened this year for the first time. The course lasts for two years, so we still need to wait for the thesis to be written,” Peter Stilwell told O Clarim. “We will see how this initiative will be configured, but we would like to tell our students about this prize, so that they can consider it as an incentive. When people know that there might be a prize, they work better, I am convinced,” the rector of Macau’s Catholic university said.

The newly announced prize won’t be awarded, however, in a nearby future, Father Peter Stilwell clarifies. The priority both for Caritas and the University of Saint Joseph is first to define the award rules and only then proceed with the project: “The essential thing for now is to define the prize, to determine the prize rules, announce the prize and then, yes, move forward with the project,” the rector of USJ assumes.  “There’s no one yet, at this stage, already writing their dissertations. Or at least at a writing stage in which it is possible to determine that someone is a serious contender for the prize,” the rector of the University of Saint Joseph adds.

Peter Stilwell received Paul Pun and his Portuguese counterpart, Eugénio Fonseca at the beginning of the month. The meeting resulted in a partnership project between the two branches of Caritas and the University of Saint Joseph that will lead to the creation of the new prize. The awarded dissertation will then be published in Macau through Caritas’ own publishing house.

At the end of the visit that Eugénio Fonseca paid to the territory earlier this month, Caritas Macau and its Portuguese counterpart also agreed to send food and medication to children at risk in Venezuela: “The medicines were- donated in Portugal and we need to get them there [Venezuela],” added Eugénio Fonseca, The head of Portuguese Caritas also explained that “the safest way ”, as indicated by Venezuelan Caritas “is to send the medicines by post,” he said.

Caritas Macau “will help to bear the cost,” added Mr Fonseca at the time, speaking to Agência Lusa.

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