– Corrado Gnerre

Dear friend, here we don’t understand anything. What is taken for granted is questioned. The normal is considered “abnormal” and the abnormal “normal. But what happened? I don’t understand anything anymore.

Dear ___, you are absolutely right … full stop.

Nothing should be added to your words, but unfortunately we have reached those times already prophesied by that great English writer, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, who said that years would come when it would even be necessary to fight to prove that in summer the leaves are green. Here we are: what is obvious needs demonstration, while what is obviously not (and is even unnatural) is accepted as if nothing had happened.

But, when it goes against logic and against the evidence of reality, there is always a “but.” I refer to what you also refer to very well, or to the fact that those who want to deny the truth always end up with “wrapping up” (as they say), that is, contradicting themselves in a ridiculous manner.

You rightly refer to the sporting environment where, like it or not, the law of nature comes out: no woman, not even the most stuffed hormone athlete of the old DDR of the ’70s could achieve performance equal to that of the male athletes of that time. Not to mention football. All respect (even if up to a certain point, because it does not seem to me a sport suitable for the female sex) for girls who pretend to emulate the various Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, but we are serious: it is much better to go and see Pizzighettone football club that the most prestigious women’s football team … even in this case with all due respect for Pizzighettone football club.

We are, in short, dear ___, in the field of pure blindness of intelligence.

And here the discourse ends up in another sphere, in that context where we must ask ourselves: but how is it possible that in a time when the space probes are sent to Mars, in which we have known and continue to know the infinitely small, can we say such nonsense? Statements of the type: in addition to being male or female, one can also be “intersex” (Germany has legislated on the point); or being a male or a woman you can decide later, when you are an adult, as much as it pleases … as if to say that if you cannot know if the unborn child will appreciate the pasta or the broth, the sea or the mountain , sport or sedentary life … so it is right that he can decide afterwards what sex to have.

So, blindness of intelligence and why? For two reasons, one in the moral sphere and the other in the intellectual sphere.The first is nothing but the old proverb “Those who go with the lame (pardon: with the “one who walks differently”) learns to limp.” Which actually means that it is an illusion to be able to maintain a healthy and right reasoning if disorder is established chronically in one’s behavior. As the famous phrase says, “one never lives as one thinks, but one always ends up suffering how one lives”: once disorder drives behavior, that same disorder will also end up guiding reasoning. From here, dear ___, the nonsense of so many intellectuals and masters of thought who pontificate in magazines, newspapers and television talk shows and that could be refuted even by a child of elementary school.

The reason for the intellectual domain is another, more complex, but logically precedes the one already mentioned. Once modern and contemporary thought has thrown the concept of objective truth into the dustbin of history, then why wonder? If truth does not exist, there is not even a universally understood natural law inserted into the rational nature of man, and if there is no universally understood natural law, everyone can not only do as he wishes, but can think of it as he wishes.

A great 20th century Italian poet who did not think it well, who had no religious response, who even died suicidal, like Cesare Pavese, wrote things that should be framed relatively to what we are saying: “Idiot and filthy Kant, if God is not, then everything is allowed…. Only charity is respectable. Christ and Dostoevsky. All the rest are foolish things.” It is just so, dear ___, if God does not exist, that is, if there is no Truth, all the rest are foolish things, nonsense, contradictions that are the envy of the most classic fool of the village.

(From La buona battaglia. Apologetica cattolica in domande e risposte, 2019©Chorabooks. Translated by Aurelio Porfiri. Used with permission of the publisher. All rights reserved)