THE ONLY HIGHER CATHOLIC INSTITUTION IN VIETNAM – Academic Year begins at the Xuan Loc Higher Institute

(Agenzia Fides) – “You have chosen the school, place where you have nurtured your dreams, now fulfill them, transforming the teachings received into ‘capital of life’ and become witnesses of God in the various environments of your life”: with these words Fr. Giuseppe Nguyen Van Uy, Director of the “Hoa Binh Xuan Loc” Educational Institute addressed the 552 graduates who in recent days received their diploma. The diploma ceremony took place simultaneously with the inauguration of the 2019-2020 academic year. Mgr. Giovanni Do Van Ngan, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese Xuan Loc, President of the Institute’s Board of Directors, and Fr. Trinh Thanh Toan, deputy director of the Institute were also present at the ceremony.

After the ceremony, the solemn thanksgiving Mass presided by Mgr. John Do Van Ngan was celebrated. In his homily the Bishop urged the students to “always live united, in study and work, making the most of the talents received from the Lord to glorify God in life.” And he then asked God to “help everyone in the new academic year so that it may bear much fruit in natural and spiritual life”.

In 2019 the Hoa Binh Xuan Loc Institute welcomed 1,580 new students. There are currently 3,650 students enrolled and those who have completed high school but were not admitted to university, follow a three-year high school diploma. They are students from 26 dioceses (out of the 27 total) and from 52 cities in Vietnam.

The most important purpose of the Institute – the Director pointed out – is “to form good Christians and good citizens who can help the poor and weak,” according to a concept of “integral promotion of the person.”

In addition, the Institute also aims to promote the meeting and exchange between students and teachers, especially in the field of research, establishing contacts with other institutes and universities inside and outside the country.

Currently the Hoa Binh Xuan Loc Institute is the only higher Catholic institution in Vietnam, managed and directed by the Diocese of Xuan Loc. It was founded in 2012 at the beginning as a vocational school, where students could learn different trades. In 2017 it was promoted to a higher institute.