THIS COMING SATURDAY NIGHT – Macau Diocese to hold the Eucharist at St Paul Ruins

– Jasmin Yiu

In response to The Extraordinary Missionary Month, announced by Pope Francis two years ago, Catholic Diocese of Macau will celebrate the Eucharist in front of the Mater Dei Church (Ruins of St Paul) this coming Saturday, 19 October 2019 at 8 PM.

To ensure a smooth procedure throughout the liturgy, the Missionary Preparatory Committee has issued the following guidelines for all participants:

1. Due to a large number of estimated participants, please arrive at the venue before 7:30 PM to ensure space for the ceremony.

2. Since the venue is a tourist attraction of Macau, all participants are encouraged to take public transportation.

3. There is an entrance at the top and bottom of the staircase of the Ruins.  Please get a seat assignment from the official staff. Except for the designated location, no reservation is allowed at the stairs.

4. Since the liturgy will be celebrated in the evening, please wear appropriate footwear and clothing to avoid undue incidents.

5. There are Enquiry and First-aid booths at the two entrances.

6. Please stay tuned to the announcement of the diocese if the weather is unstable that day.

The Ruins of St Paul is a symbol of the Catholic Church in Macau, which also shows its history and is a witness of the mission of the Catholic faith to the Far East. The last time Mass was celebrated there was fifteen years back. By taking the opportunity to celebrate Mission Sunday (this coming Sunday) at a historic and significant place in the city, the Diocese of Macau hopes to rekindle the missionary vocation and encourage the local Church to keep this vocation alive.

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