YEAR OF THE YOUTH – Bishop Lee convenes youth of the English-speaking community

Last August 31, 2019, Bishop Stephen Lee gathered the leaders of the youth of the English speaking communities of the Diocese of Macao. Nine young people from different parishes and communities responded with eagerness. The bishop was more than happy to meet them at the Parish Hall of the Cathedral.

The encounter with the bishop was the first step towards more and in-depth encounters in the future among themselves.

The bishop instructed them to know each other well so they can elect a set of officers who will compose the core-group of the youth of the English speaking community of the diocese.

The young people were excited about the plans. In the preliminary encounter, the young people admitted without any reluctance that the young people of Macao are distancing themselves from the church. The reasons included lack of initiative from parents to encourage them to join church activities, time spent mostly for work and studies, while some just do not want to be part of the Church.

It is the hope of the youth that with this initiative of the bishop, all the young people of the diocese may find their way back into the Church and prepare well for the celebration of the year of the youth.

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