AOL COMPETITION FINALS 2019 – Baking & Icing-Decorating

The 2nd part of the Final Competition of the 2nd  Art of Living (AOL) Culinary Competition (Baking and Icing-Decorating category) was held on July 13 for girls between 10 -13 years old, at Wahn Tihng Centre. The judges were  Agnes Wong, Bessie Chow and Lia Lei;

  each of them gave positive feedback  having observed how professionally the girls handled the kitchen instruments, their teamwork, their confidence and how they helped each other to decorate their cake. The judges were happy to know that the girls apply in their homes the skills they learn here, particularly cleaning and cooking, and have grown in concern and service for others. They encouraged the girls to put into practice their AOL skills during this summer vacation, as a way to make good use of their time and to serve their family and friends, and in this way, spread joy around them.

As we wait for the new AOL Season 3 to start in September 2019, Wahn Tihng Centre will continue with activities this July and August:  Baking, Summer camps and Volunteer Service work.