WORLD’S LARGEST CATHOLIC MEDIA GROUP – Macau Cable TV to broadcast EWTN starting 15th August

– Marco Carvalho

The Eternal Work Television Network (EWTN) and Macau Cable TV announced earlier this week that the local cable provider will start to broadcast on the SAR one of the channels of the world’s largest Catholic media group. EWTN will start to broadcast on channel 28 of Macau Cable TV.

The largest Catholic television network on the planet will start broadcasting to Macau from August 15th. The announcement was made last Monday by Macau Cable TV, in a press conference that brought to the Special Administrative Region the marketing director of EWTN for the Asia-Pacific region.

The date, Edwin Lopez recalled during the event, was not chosen randomly and coincides with the 38th anniversary of the founding of the media group in a small garage in the American state of Alabama: “We hope to be able to reach, through Macau Cable TV a considerable number of Catholics who wish to deepen their Catholic faith,” EWTN’s marketing director for the Asia-Pacific Region said during the press conference. “Our aim is to bring the Catholic faith to as many countries and territories as possible,” added Lopez.

The Eternal World Television Network was founded in 1981 on the initiative of Mother Angelica, a Claretian nun who died in March 2016. EWTN has grown exponentially over the past 38 years and it is now the world’s largest Catholic media operator. More than a dozen satellites broadcast worldwide 24 hours a day, seven days a week, bringing the word of God to more than 290 million households in 145 countries and territories.

EWTN channels are broadcasted in several languages ​​and can also be found on more than six thousand television operators. Apple TV, ROKU and Amazon Fire are amongst the platforms that offer contents produced by the Eternal World Television Network.

The group offers also press and radio contents, through news services such as the National Catholic Register, the Catholic News Agency or the digital platform “Church Pop.” EWTN radio services are broadcasted through SIRIUS / XM, iHeart Radio, a global shortwave station and also more than half a thousand partners within and outside the United States of America.

In addition to Edwin Lopez, in a press conference held this week in Macau were also present José Miguel Encarnação, editor of O Clarim and EWTN Cooperator for Macau and also John Chiang. The Commercial Director of Macau Cable TV said that, in addition to EWTN, the local cable broadcaster will also provide new Japanese channels and even some channels from Turkey. The company is also considering the possibility of broadcasting content through “over the top” services, the expression by which the transmission of audio and video services through the Internet is known.

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