ART OF LIVING (AOL) SEASON TWO – Macau Culinary Competition for girls

The 2nd AOL Culinary Competition (Preparing Dishes category)  for girls between 10 -13 years old, was held last  July 6 in Wahn Tihng Centre. The judges were Cuca Costa, Angela Correia and Rina Camus. Ms. Cuca  encouraged the girls about the most important ingredient, i.e., working with love and sharing what they have…and that nothing is hard when we do things for our family and friends.

AOL Macau Season Two ran from September 2018 to June 2019. Each meeting includes hands-on cooking or baking, homeskills workshops, practical talks on good habits such as, service, value of sacrifice, gratitude, respect, sincerity, good manners and optimism.  A Coach is in charge of a team , and the girls also learn teamwork, cleanliness, order, and creativity in presentation. Each girl also has personal mentoring.

This coming July 13 will be the finals of the Baking and Decorating category.  Together with the Dish category, the Champion team for this year’s AOL competition will be known.

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