SOWERS OF THE WORD – Launching of Books about Missionaries in Macau

On March 29, two Chinese-language books on two missionaries who have worked in Macau, Fr Aureo Nunes e Castro and Fr Luiz Ruiz Suarez, were launched in the auditorium of the Diocese of Macau.

Most of the books in the collection are originally written in Portuguese and  feature the Portuguese Missionaries of the 21st century. The project is undertaken by the International Institute of Macau (IIM).

The series of publications intends to bring the communities together and to bring to the public knowledge the works of those who have contributed to the Macau Diocese, including priests, missionaries, laymen and scholars who are part of Macau’s cultural identity.

The book about Father Ruiz is written by Ieong Chi Chau, former director of a Catholic school, who presented his original work. It is now being translated to Portuguese. During the ceremony, the choir of Saint Thomas interpreted some songs by Father Aureo, in honor of this distinguished composer and musician.

Among the special guests were Helen Ieong of the Macao Foundation, Pun Chi Meng of Caritas Macau, Leong Tak Cheng and Lei Wai Fan of the S. Pio X Academy of Music and Ng Seng Hong of the Perosi Choir.

An initiative of the IIM and the Diocese of Macao, the session was supported by the Macao Foundation and was also attended by the Association of Former Students of the Seminary of St Joseph of Macau.

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