WHEN WE CARE TO SEEK HIS PRESENCE – Miracles still occur today

– Angela Chong

When asked about the possibility of miracles today, I usually affirm my belief without doubt. In fact, I can claim to have experienced God’s providence more than once, which I presume to be miracles in my life. Though they are by no means supernatural acts like those Jesus performed in His times, they have somehow enhanced my awareness of God’s presence and caring concern for me. What follows is a description of an experience of mine which can lend support to my claim.

I was on my way home after attending Mass one morning when I caught sight of a man waiting at a zebra crossing. As I approached him, I heard him repeating a question as if speaking into the air, “Can I get across now?” Seeing the walking stick in his hand, I realized that he was a blind man seeking help. I patted him on the shoulder, telling him that there were no cars at the moment and that he could walk straight ahead. Then I went on my way.

Feeling a bit uneasy, however, I turned to see if he was all right. To my horror, I saw a few cars coming in his direction. Fortunately, a lady was there in time to help him. Though the cars stopped at the zebra crossing, their sudden arrival must have scared the poor man out of his wits!

How thoughtless I had been! I should not have overestimated his ability of self-care and should, instead, have walked with him across the road! I felt the pang of conscience for the rest of the day. I kept praying to God for forgiveness, promising Him that if I chanced to meet the blind man again, I would definitely offer my help. In reality, I was hopeless of another chance encounter with him.

But I did meet him again the following day! Imagine my joy and surprise! It was in the street adjacent to the one where our paths had crossed previously. I went to him to offer my help without a moment’s hesitation. And he gladly allowed me to hold his spare hand. It being the rush hour, we had to carefully pick our way between the cars in spite of the zebra crossing. It was obviously too dangerous for a handicapped person like him to manage on his own. 

On reaching the other side of the street, he told me cheerfully that he lived nearby and that he was having his daily morning stroll in the vicinity. “If I were to stop walking,” he said jokingly, “my life would soon come to an end!”  When I said goodbye to him, he thanked me and promised to treat me to morning tea some day.

I have gone that way several times since the incident but never again have I met him. He must still be having his daily walk with self confidence while at the same time cherishing the hope that there is always someone ready with a helping hand whenever he needs it. 

This, I believe, is one way God works miracles in our daily lives, giving hope to people who need care and concern and, on the other hand, providing the well-intentioned ones with the opportunity to volunteer their service.

I thank God for having forgiven me for my negligence and for granting me the second chance. Yes, miracles still occur if only we care to seek God’s presence and put our trust in Him.

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