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IN HIS OWN WORDS – The Late Bishop Michael Yeung Of Hong Kong

– Jasmin Yiu

The Most Reverend Michael YEUNG Ming-cheung, Bishop of the Diocese of Hong Kong, passed away due to liver failure on 3 January 2019, aged 73. Fountain of Love and Life, a Chinese Catholic media based in Canada, recently released a video interview with Bishop Yeung which was done in 2014, where he shared his journey of being Vicar General at that time. With permission from FLL, O CLARIM brings to our readers a translation of that interview.

Ineligible in accepting the appointment of Vicar General…

Yeung: Feeling ashamed to say I am totally nothing, I am just a normal person with no talents. But Cardinal Tong asked me to help him. As a priest of his diocese, I am obliged (to receive this appointment. If I say no, and everyone says no – since everyone wants to have an easy and comfortable life, which is very normal in human nature – but if everyone thinks the same, what will happen to the Church? Therefore, accepting this job (of Vicar General) is like putting myself into trouble… I do feel discouraged sometimes.

Getting close to those people with power…

Yeung: I personally think that the Church wants to help poor people, but when I want to help them, don’t I need to look for those resources? If I don’t get in touch with them (rich people), how can these poor people be helped?

We cannot rely on the Church to fund these projects alone. How much can we receive in every Sunday Mass? You need to think of different ways and find these resources. If not, we can never help those needy in today’s society.

No fear of death, joyfully serving the Church…

Yeung: Many times I was ridiculed by many people. Actually I don’t need to do these jobs, then I need not be scolded. But if you reflect a bit, you will realize that this is what you ought to do to repond to God’s call.

I have no ability and talents at all, but I do not fear failures and death. Everyone will die one day, so When the Bishop asked me to help him, I rejected the idea for a few times. In fact, I have resigned a few times too, but he said, “Ignore these things, continue working.” Just like a father who sees the family is facing various problems and needs his son to help, the son (needs to do it)… I feel it’s an obligation.

There is more hardship in becoming a Vicar General…I just need to do my best. I always remind myself, God likes a joyful servant. If I need to serve God, I think God wants me to serve Him joyfully.

Heartfelt grateful to the critics…

Yeung: I think a person’s growth depends on how he responds to God’s call. There are many ways and attitudes of responding God’s call. In the process of answering God’s call, naturally there will be joys and difficulties. How one faces the difficulties and takes the joys are part of the process of personal growth.

Therefore, I am very grateful even when facing those critics, (though some of their criticisms are very malicious and meaningless. Of course you will feel sad if you only look at the negative side. But until today, though some things made me unhappy, but I can tell you quite frankly that I am grateful to them. I thank them. Without their criticism, I would have nothing to offer and my offerings are accepted only because of them.


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