1st Simbang Gabi at Macau Cathedral

For the first time the Simbang Gabi has also been held this year in the Macau Cathedral at 8 in the evening. Other venues for the traditional Filipino novena of Christmas Masses are St Augustine (8 PM) and St Lawrence (5:30 AM) and Our Lady of Fatima (9:30 PM). The Simbang Gabi may have originated from the Rorate coeli Masses that were celebrated during the season of Advent early in the morning with candlelight in the Middle Ages. The  Mass is a Votive Mass in honor of the Virgin Mary for the season of Advent. It is so named from the Entrance Antiphon: Roráte caéli désuper, et núbes plúant jústum. (Drop down, ye heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness.)