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To promote the culture of chastity against pornographic influence, the Catholic Diocese of Macau is inviting a world renowned speaker from America to deliver a series of talks on “Overcoming Pornography,” on 1-2 November 2018, featuring Fr Sean Kilcawley from Integrity Restored. There will be a total of 4 talks targeting parents, youth, teachers and social workers, and clergy and religious. Fr Kilcawley is an experienced expert on marriage, family, and sex addiction treatment, and has been travelling around the US promoting chastity values and practical tips to parents, priests and professionals. Their online platform has provided numerous valuable information to help many people resisting the pornographic culture and live a healthy life.

“I am very happy that we can invite the Integrity Restored team to Macau,” said Bishop Stephen Lee, Bishop of Macau. “This is an invaluable opportunity for us to learn from them about chastity, so that we can sanctify ourselves day by day. I would like to encourage all faithful to spare their time and attend one of the talks fitting their needs. Chastity is a topic which we all need to learn.”

Organized by the Diocese of Macau, co-organized by the Diocesan Commission for Marriage, Family and Life, as well as the Diocesan Seminary of St. Joseph, there will be a total of 4 talks, including “How will Pornography destroy My Life  and My Relationships?”, “Smartphone Addiction &  Preventive Parenting Strategies”, “Pornography Addiction: Prevention & Treatment” and “Pornography Epidemic: What Can Clergy/Religious Do?”. The talks will be conducted in English with Cantonese translations. They are free of charge, but with limited availability at a first come first served basis. For registration or enquiries, you can call 2892 1139, whatsapp to 6663 5317or go to


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