SE CATHEDRAL – St Padre Pio English Community

Recently, the English speaking community of the Se Cathedral was elevated to form its own pastoral team and program. The community has chosen St Padre Pio as its Patron. The English speaking community of the Se Cathedral is composed primarily of Filipinos, some Indian nationals, Koreans and some other English speaking parishioners who usually attend the 5:00 PM and the 6:30 PM Sunday Masses at the cathedral.  It is not an entity independent of the Cathedral, but an integral part of it. It is formed to create a welcoming environment for the English speaking groups in the Cathedral who belong to different nationalities and cultures.  The pastoral thrust of this Faith-community is to reach out to the other English speaking nationalities to form an actively worshiping family.

While retaining the liturgical norms of the church, and although a primarily English speaking community – the faith community will occasionally integrate other languages and culture within the liturgy to provide a sense of “home” for, and a climate of respect for, the traditions of other cultures.

Fr Leonard Dollentas, a diocesan priest from the Philippines has been assigned to take care of this English speaking community of the Se Cathedral. Part of its pastoral program is the Sunday school catechism for English-speaking children. Children from ages 7 and up who have not yet received the 1st communion are welcome to join.

Weekday Masses in English are now celebrated at the Se Cathedral on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:45PM. Confessions are heard from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in Filipino, English Spanish and Chinese.