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Fresh strength for the journey

Two students of CDSJ 5, Gabriel (Form 3) and Rui Joseph (Form 1) were among those who received confirmation at Pentecost. Here are their thoughts on this milestone in their journey of faith.


GABRIEL. During my confirmation class, I had fun learning more about God, how to love more, how to be a good person, and how to go to heaven. The confirmation teachers made it an enjoyable experience. My confirmation classmates and I learned many things, such as mortal sins and venial sins, the Holy Trinity and more about Holy Mass, the 10 commandments, the Sacraments, the differences between science and religion, the Church and many other things. We were also given an attendance record for Holy Mass. My piece was full of signatures and I think I did great on that one. I didn’t go to some feast day Masses on weekdays because I didn’t have time.

We also had some class activities outside the school, and it was great fun and I learnt many other things outside class. Soon we were finishing the classes. Before confirmation, we had to give our baptismal documents. I was missing some things and submitted them rather late. I thought I wasn’t going to be confirmed so I felt a bit anxious about it. During the last few classes, things were sorted out and I was going to be confirmed.

At a retreat, I was taught about the rite of confirmation, and learnt how to respond to the bishop. And when the confirmation day arrived, the bishop put holy oil on our foreheads. I became more determined to have a new way to look at life. Before I was confirmed, I didn’t really care much about God, but now, after I was confirmed, I really want to be the best version of myself.

RUI JOSEPH. When I first went to the confirmation class, I didn’t really want to have the confirmation. I think I wasn’t ready so I felt a little scared at first. But after a few lessons, I changed my decision. And I am very glad that I changed my decision. I have got closer to my God. I don’t know why. But I think the Brothers helped me change my mind while listening to their lessons. I like the way the brother teaches in the lessons. And of course my mom and dad helped me change my decision too.

So after I had the confirmation, I felt like the weight and pressure in my chest was gone. I started to find strength to resist many temptations. I also tried to at least convince some people to have the confirmation. It really helped me got back closer to God. And I thank God for giving me graces and strength, making me firm in faith.

If you’re a Catholic but have not received confirmation, I recommend you to do it, for it helps you become stronger in faith, and God truly gives his graces to us.



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