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A READER WRITES – A spiritually enhanced day

Simon Lei

Angela Chong

I find the Feast of Corpus Christi of special importance this year. In fact, it was a spiritually enriched day for me. I attended two consecutive Masses in the morning and joined the Eucharistic Procession in the evening.

Fr Chan, who celebrated the first Mass, advised us to reflect on the meaning of the Blessed Sacrament, of Holy Communion, treasuring the chance of welcoming Jesus Christ to live in us and asking Him to help us seek spiritual enhancement and pursue sanctification in our lives.

In the second Mass, Bishop Stephen Lee explained to us the importance of the Feast of Corpus Christi in association with the Covenant which God had established with us. Through receiving Holy Communion, he said, we can be enlightened and strengthened to combat violence and frustration, which seem to be growing in intensity in our own selves, in society and even in the world.

Before the start of the Eucharistic Procession later in the evening, Bishop Stephen addressed the participants, first in Chinese and then in English. He explained how Jesus’ breaking the bread symbolized his sharing his life with us. We should also learn from Jesus to share our lives with others by doing our parts well at home, in the workplace and in society. This, according to the Bishop, is the core value of our lives as Christians.

Bishop Lee then guided us to think about the busy town centre the Eucharistic Procession would be moving through. We would be distracted by the curious passers-by and shops with attractive products. But if we followed the Eucharist, the symbol of love, we would not stray off the path. This is also true of life. There are distractions in life but we need not worry as long as we abide in Christ and allow ourselves to be guided along by Him.

Though I have often been teaching my Sunday school kids about the Holy Sacraments, I understand my inadequacy and feel the need to be inspired by the ministers’ preaching and by frequent participation in religious activities. Honestly, I am not very keen on joining a procession as it can be quite tiring. But I am convinced somehow that this can be a way to proclaim my faith in public. Besides, it isn’t too bad to arouse the interest of the tourists in our Christian belief.


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