UNIVERSITY OF ST JOSEPH – Bachelor of Philosophy

The Bachelor of Philosophy introduces you to the lasting questions of the great philosophical traditions of East and West and the human experience in general.

Studying philosophy with its genuine search for truth examines life, dispels ignorance, promotes deeper mutual understanding, and builds lasting bridges between people, cultures and traditions. Studying the rich intellectual and wisdom traditions of mankind helps to nourish life-styles and societies based on respect, understanding, justice and authentic human freedom.

The knowledge, skills, and experience acquired provide a solid foundation to a wide-range of career options which require the ability to think, evaluate, and write in a responsible and creative fashion about issues most relevant for people, institutions, companies, and societies (e.g. in community leadership, management, finance, ethics advisory committees, media and journalism). The Degree prepares you also to pursue higher studies in philosophy, education, cultural studies and tourism, political science, law, psychology, religious studies, and theology.


The programme is taught in English.