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CHURCH FATHERS (42) – Saint John Climacus

– Anastasios

When we talk of Saint John Climacus (525-605), we talk of a great protagonist of monasticism. He was a monk a the Mount Sinai Monastery, where he entered when he was 16. His monastic life at the beginning was more of a hermitic character. He was then abbot of that monastery. Because of his work called The Ladder of Divine Ascent he was called Climacus (ascending). His book had a lot of success, making him a reference for those looking for excellent teachings in spirituality.

BITE-SIZE THEOLOGY (18) – How about the Bible?

– Rev José Mario O Mandía

The First Vatican Council defined the Bible in chapter 2 of its Dogmatic Constitution Dei Filius as the collection of books which, “written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, have God as their author, and have been entrusted as such to the Church.”

FEAT NOT, BE BOLD, FOR GOD IS WITH US! – 3rd February 2019, 4th Sunday In Ordinary Time

Jer 1:4-5, 17-19; 1 Cor 12:31 - 13:13; Luke 4:21-30

– Paul Yeung

Luke puts this episode at the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry for a reason. The remarkable contrast between the initial acceptance and admiration and the subsequent rejection of Jesus is signature of His whole ministry.


– Vittorio Messori

If I will be granted mercy to access the Paradise – of course, after an adequate “fee” to pay for the inconsistency between what I believed and how I lived – I will ask the great Custos, St Peter, to know and embrace a lady, Marie Beauzac, who died under the guillotine in the illustrious Marian city of Le Puy-en-Velay. A place that is dear to me not only for its singular beauty, but also because it is strictly, and mysteriously, linked to the destiny of Lourdes on which the Virgin venerated at Le Puy depended for centuries.


St Joseph Conference Centre (Choc Van) will hold a retreat on Carmelite Spirituality from 15 to 17 February (Friday to Sunday).

SAINT BRIGID OF IRELAND – Charity with no bounds

Saint Brigid was born Brigit, and shares a name with a Celtic goddess from whom many legends and folk customs are associated.  There is much debate over her parents, but it is widely believed her mother was Brocca, a Christian baptized by Saint Patrick, and her father was Dubthach, a Leinster chieftain. Brocca was a slave, therefore Brigid was born into slavery.

ST JOHN BOSCO – To God who gladdens my youth

– Aurelio Porfiri

If a Martian landed now from a distant planet on our land, what kind of news would he see about the Catholic Church? Reading the press, one would think that this religious institution is known almost only for its great problems with youth, for the abuses, scandals and cover-ups.

GREAT FIGURES OF THE MISSIONARY WORK – Bengal and the Kingdom of the Dragon (38)

– Joaquim Magalhães de Castro

Dating back to 1953, the Dechencholing Palace, the official residence of the Bhutanese royal family, stands in a place full of history. There was there before a small fortress monastery that in 1641 Shabdrung reconsecrated with the name Tashicho-dzong, reestablishing in it the summer residence of his monastic body. To the west of it, in the small tower of Ney Khang Lhakhang, a venerated statue of Buddha Shakyamuni and others of various protective deities are well preserved.


– Tej Francis



(CNA) Catholic leaders in New York have spoken out against the passage of an expansive new abortion law in the state. The Reproductive Health Act was passed on Tuesday, the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Roe v Wade. In a statement from the New York State Catholic Conference, the state’s bishops called the passage of the law a new “sad chapter” on a date that already carried tragic associations for supporters of life.

CBCP PASTORAL STATEMENT – Conquering Evil with Good

Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines

“Do not be conquered by evil, but conquer evil with good.” (Romans 12:21) 

Our dear People of God,

Peace be with you. We are aware that many of you have been wondering why your bishops have kept a collective silence over many disturbing issues, about which you may have felt you urgently needed our spiritual and pastoral guidance. Forgive us for the length of time that it took us to find our collective voice. We too needed to be guided properly in prayer and discernment before we could guide you.