MACANESE AMERICAN UNION AWARDS “JIM” SILVA Praising the writer and historian

Macanese writer and historian Frederico Alberto Barreto da Silva, also known as “Jim”, was awarded last Sunday by the União Macaense Americana – UMA (Macanese American Union), at the Macau Cultural Center in Fremont, California, USA.

Mr Silva was born in Hong Kong in 1928. He lived in Macau for three years, during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. He completed his non-tertiary education in Macau, in a school run by Irish Jesuits. He was a member of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, from age 21 until he emigrated to the United States. He served as UMA’s president, and was editor of its newsletter for many years.

UMA, now led by Sandy Souza, awarded him with a commemorative plaque, in recognition of his outstanding work and dedication to the Macanese heritage.

The Permanent Council of Macanese Communities President José Luis Sales Marques also sent a congratulatory message extolling his good services by the Macanese community.

Mr Silva is the author of the books All of Our Yesterdays, Things I Remember, Stories From The Western Seas, Reminiscences of a Wartime Refugee and The Macanese – A Legacy of Portugal in China.






A concert organized by St Pius X Music Academy was held last Wednesday at the Macau Cultural Center to commemorate the centennial of the birth of the late Fr Áureo Castro (1917-1993).

Soprano Nancy Yuen and pianist Helen Cha, both from Hong Kong, were the performers, as well as the Choir of Colégio Santa Rosa de Lima (Chinese Section) under the Academy’s former student Chris Ho. Current and former St Pius X Music Academy students, including Catarina Amaral, who will pursue her musical studies in New York, USA, also performed.

IRAQ–Prelate reclaims Archdiocese of Mosul

Now that Mosul has been recaptured from ISIS, will Christians be able to return to their homes there soon? It’s too soon to tell, according to Syriac-Catholic Archbishop Petros Mouche of Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq. He spoke with international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need.

Olivier Labesse

How did you experience the liberation of Mosul?

As a sign of hope for us Christians. ISIS was driven off. I hope that the attitude of the people will change. The destruction in Mosul occurred on an enormous scale. For us Syriac-Catholic Christians in Iraq, liberation is of course a cause for great joy because the bulk my diocese is comprised by Mosul and Qaraqosh and environs. Today, Mosul is completely destroyed. Officially, all parts of the city have been liberated, even though there are still militants hiding in a number of places. But they will soon be found and captured.

–O Clarim book featured in Hong Kong Fair — “The History of Salvation is a mystery story”

Jasmin Yiu

The Hong Kong Book Fair kicked off at Wan Chai last week, with various Catholic groups taking part. O CLARIM’s new book, History of Salvation: Time of the Church, was officially launched. Fr José Mario O Mandía, director of O CLARIM, was invited by Spring Publication to give a talk on the new book.

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time (A)–The impatient man and the calm God

Wis 12:13, 16-19; Rom 8:26-27; Mt 13:24-43

Fr Fernando Armellini SCJ
Claretian Publications

In the parable of the seed and weed, the owner represents God. He is the one who sows, the one responsible of the quality of the seed. The seeds are defined as “good”. Creation is good as the seed of the word announced by Jesus is good.

INTRODUCTION TO THEOLOGY Topic 9: Man’s experience of God (1)


José Morales
José Manuel Fidalgo

Countless men and women throughout the history of salvation have experienced God. This experience is like a subjective source of theology. The personal encounter with God is normally provoked by the witness of the Bible, read in the Church with the light given by the Holy Spirit. The experience of the believer is, therefore, closely connected with the faith and life of the Church, and prevents theology from becoming a mere intellectual pursuit. This experience nourishes theological activity and is a guarantee of its correct orientation.

BITE-SIZE PHILOSOPHY (25) Do accidents have any importance?

Rev José Mario O Mandía

Last time we learned that it is important to differentiate substance from accidents. But does that mean that accidents are not important? Not at all! So let us explore today the relationship between these two principles of being.

SHARING THE BEAUTY AND JOY OF SOULS – Missionaries from Middle East visit Hong Kong

Jasmin Yiu

Fr Luis Montes IVE and Sister María Guadalupe SSVM, Argentine-born missionaries assigned in the Middle East, visited Hong Kong in early July. Two sharing sections were held on 8th and 9th July at Sts Peter and Paul Church in Yuen Long, to talk about the situation of the Church in the Middle East. Over a hundred people attended both sessions.

Fr Montes, has served in the Middle East for over 20 years, and has lived in Iraq for the past six years. He was appointed Vicar General to help take care of the flock in the area, and has been helping to reconstruct the destroyed churches.

CHANCERY NOTICE: Appointments on St Joseph Diocesan College



Due to the need of the Diocese, Bishop Stephen Lee Bun Sang has made the following arrangements in the different schools of the St Joseph Diocesan College:

  1. Canon Luís Gonzaga Lo Iok Seng ceases his service as Principal of St Joseph Diocesan College (Nos 1, 2, 3, 4), effective 1 August 2017;
  2. Canon Luís Gonzaga Lo Iok Seng ceases his service as Principal of St Joseph Diocesan College No 6, effective 1 September 2017;
  3. Mr Koc Va Pong ceases his service as Principal of St Joseph Diocesan College No 5, effective 1 September 2017;
  4. Mr Lei Ian Kit Dominic is appointed Principal of St Joseph Diocesan College (Nos 1, 2, 3, 4), effective 1 August 2017;
  5. Mr Kio Su Iong Samuel is appointed Principal of St Joseph Diocesan College No 6, effective 1 September 2017;
  6. Mr Wu Kam Yuen is appointed Principal of St Joseph Diocesan College No 5, effective 1 September 2017.

Given at the Chancery Office, 17 July2017.

Fr. Manuel Machado, MCCJ




The Honlam Education and Research Association has organized the “Japan: Osaka, Kyoto and Nagasaki” Youth Cultural Exchange Delegation in order to strengthen the understanding of the youth and the local customs and habits of self-discipline of middle school students in Japan.