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BEATI SERVI TUI – Music by Aurelio Porfiri

Liturgical Mass Sheet

FAITH ILLUSTRATED – 08 Creed, The Holy Spirit (1)

Descent of the Holy Spirit

CHURCH FATHERS (39) – Diodorus of Tarsus

Diodorus of Tarsus, born in Antioch (?-around 394), is considered a minor writer in Christian history. He had a Greek education and was very well versed in literature. He was consecrated Bishop of Tarsus and was a patron of several monasteries. Like many others we have seen before, he was also involved in the battles against several heresies. He was author of several works in a category that today we would define as Apologetics.

BITE-SIZE THEOLOGY (15) – What does “Supernatural Revelation” mean?

– Rev José Mario O Mandía


We have seen how we can know God using our reason. God shows  or reveals himself to us through the things he has created, much like a painter communicates his thoughts and feelings through his works of art. Thus the term “natural revelation.” Nonetheless, we cannot know much more because of the limitations of our knowledge. It is possible to know that a painter exists when we see his painting. Through his work, it is also possible to know the painter’s interests or inclinations through his work, but there are still many things that we can know about him as a person if we speak to him directly. This is what “supernatural revelation” means.

HE NEEDED TO PRAY – 14th January 2019, Baptism Of Our Lord Jesus

Luke 3:15-16,21-22

– Fernando Armellini SCJ
Claretian Publications

The Gospel opens with a significant finding, “the people were in expectation.” It is easy to imagine what they are waiting for: the slaves expected freedom, the poor a new condition of life, the exploited laborer hoped for justice, the sick, healing, the humiliated and raped woman, recovery of dignity.

ST THEODOSIUS THE CENOBIARCH – Pioneering the Cenobitic* life

St Theodosius was born at Garissus, incorrectly called Mogarissus, in Cappadocia in 423. He was moved by Abraham’s example in quitting his country and friends, he undertook a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. There he visited the famed St Simeon Stylites who foretold many circumstances of his future life, and gave him his advice and instruction regarding them. Having satisfied his devotion in visiting the holy places in Jerusalem, he began to consider in what manner he should dedicate himself to God. The dangers of living without a guide made him prefer a monastery to a hermitage; and he therefore put himself under the direction of a holy man named Longinus, who soon conceived a warm affection for his disciple.  Thereafter he retired to a cave at the top of a neighboring mountain.

FROM WATER TO WINE – A contemplative journey   

– Teresa Lo

“The last is the best,” remarked my old friend and spiritual supporter at the end of a four-month group exploration on the path of contemplation. 

STRENGTH IN WEAKNESS – A thorn in the flesh

– Aurelio Porfiri

These days I often visit a beautiful church in the center of Rome that few people know. It is the church of San Paolo alla Regola, built on the site which tradition reveres as the one where the Apostle of the Gentiles lived in his two Roman years. In the church there is a small oratory right in the place where Paul’s room would have been.

GREAT FIGURES OF THE MISSIONARY WORK – Bengal and the Kingdom of the Dragon (35)

– Joaquim Magalhães de Castro

In the course of our conversation, Sangay Dorji, while bringing up again the episode of the robbery of the priests, tells us an extraordinary story. According to him, after the robbery, the thieves would have tied the feet and hands of the the Portuguese priests, tossing them after into the river. But instead of following the current, as was supposed to happen, their bodies floated in the direction of the spring, proof not only of their innocence but even of a possible holiness.


– Tej Francis



(CNA/EWTN News) A Nigerian priest who was kidnapped on Christmas Eve recalled his experience after Mass this week, saying prayer is what saved him. Father Cajetan Apeh, a recently ordained priest assigned to St. Theresa’s Parish in Anam, was kidnapped along with the church’s pastor on Dec. 24. The two priests were ambushed while returning from gathering supplies in preparation for the visit of Cardinal Francis Arinze on Christmas Day.

According to Vanguard Nigeria, Apeh described the four-day ordeal to the congregation after Mass on January 1, the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God. The Mass took place at St. Joseph’s Church in Enugu Ezike.  Apeh said the priests, who initially thought it to be robbery, were abducted by four Fulani herdsmen with AK 47s and left to survive with very little food and water. Apeh said the kidnappers had tried to hold the priests for ransom and were communicating with their superiors.

Several authorities in Anambra, including the Police Mobile Force and Federal Special Anti-robbery Squad, had been involved with a massive search for the priests. As a result of the joint operations, the abductors were forced to release the two men on Dec. 27. Abeh said prayer was a major factor in their release, Vanguard Nigeria reported.  “Due to your prayers and those of others throughout the world, we were released to our superior who travelled to Anam from Enugu, unaccompanied by any policeman or security agent.”



(CNA) The 116th Congress was gavelled into session on January 3, bringing almost 100 new lawmakers into office, and with Catholics making up nearly 30 percent of the congressional freshman class.  Catholics account for 28 of the 96 new members of Congress, including newly-elected Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN), the only Catholic freshman in the Senate. In total, there are 163 Catholics sitting in either the Senate or House of Representatives, a drop of five from the 115th Congress, but still more than 30 percent of the legislature.

According to figures from Pew Research, the new session sees an end to what had previously been a near even split of Catholic members between the parties in the House of Representatives, with 86 Catholic Democrats now serving alongside 55 Republicans. Catholic education also played a role in shaping many members of the new Congress. According to the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities, one out of 10 members of Congress graduated from a Jesuit institution, including 12 Senators and 43 members of the House of Representatives.



(Agenzia Fides)  Seven Christians were taken to prison for religious reasons. As reported by Agenzia Fides, on December 29, 2018, a group of nine police officers, led by the police chief of the district of Phin, stormed a Christmas church service in Nakanong Village in Savannakhet and arrested 3 leaders of the local evangelical Christian community: Akeo, Kert, and Somwang. The arrested were charged with illegal gathering for Christmas church service without permission.

As reported to Fides by the NGO “Human Rights Watch for Lao Religious Freedom” (HRWLRF), the three church leaders are detained in the Phin district police headquarters. Soon after, the police returned to the Nakanong church and detained four more Christian men (Boulai, Champee, Agàe and Ayoung). Security forces also demolished the stage, cut off the power line, destroyed the sound system, and seized three mobile phones.

The NGO HRWLRF urges the Lao government to respect the right of the Lao people to religious freedom and the accompanying rights as guaranteed in the Lao constitution and the UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, ratified by Laos in 2009. The NGO also urges the Lao government to “release immediately and unconditionally the seven Lao Christians and pay for the damages to the physical properties of the church”.