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FAMILY AND FAITH – Never Doubt God’s Love

admin / November 30, 2018

– Fr Rodrigo Lynce de Faria

The biggest difference between humans and animals is that a human being is not “something” but “someone”: he has the dignity of being a human person.

This means that a human being is capable of possessing himself through his will, and capable of understanding himself through intelligence.

He is a being who has the capacity to recognize that he does not give himself existence, and therefore can open himself to the infinity of his Creator.

In our personal encounter with Jesus Christ we discover who we really are: children of God, who are recipients of an infinite Love.

But take note …

This truth (we are children of God) cannot be a simple statement that we understand with the intelligence, and does not change anything in our daily life. It must be similar to a “spark” that causes a blazing fire of Love.

This is what happened to all the saints!

The alternative before the Creator is not a choice between “submitting” or “revolting.” Whoever holds this view, St John tells us, does not really know God, because “God is Love.”

The real alternative is to either “to close yourself to Love” or “to let yourself be Loved.” And we all realize that only the second makes us happy.

As St Paul VI, who was canonized on October 14, said, “Believing in God does not mean simply believing that He exists, but believing that He loves me.”

There are people who believe that God exists and yet they lose the right path or do not decide to take it. On the contrary, no one loses the good way if he maintains faith in the Love of God.

This is what St Paul VI did. Despite all the “persecution” he suffered, especially through the prophetic encyclical he wrote to defend the authenticity of human love, he never doubted God’s love for him.

(Translation: Jasmin Yiu)