CARITAS MACAU SUMMER YOUTH ACTIVITIES – Being active away from television

Pedro Daniel Oliveira

Caritas Macau is organizing a series of summer activities for the youth in order to keep them active during the school break and away from television.

From yesterday, a two-day trip to Canton for age 5-75 gives youngsters the opportunity to spend time with the elderly towards meaningful generational contacts. A six-day trip to Xi’an for 25 youth sponsored by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau is also on the list, as is the case of several other activities held by Caritas Macau’s Fountain of Love and Joy Integrated Family Service Center mainly supported by Social Welfare Bureau.

One training camp in Hong Kong organized by Escola São João de Brito (Saint John de Britto School) will give the opportunity to several youth to enroll in an adventure program.

“These summer activities are designed to keep the youth active during their summer school break, away from television and in contact with each other. It’s a great opportunity to make them experience some activities they may enjoy and wish to try again next time,” Caritas Macau Secretary General Mr Paul Pun Chin Meng told O CLARIM.

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