Day: March 9, 2018

ASK THE LITURGIST (1) – Flowers In Lent

Don Enrico Finotti The liturgical calendar prescribes that during Lent there should be no flowers on the altar, but in many churches this rule is not observed and it is not easy to observe it, because a funeral is enough…

BITE-SIZE PHILOSOPHY (54) – What about dignity?

Rev José Mario O Mandía Last time we spoke about our uniqueness, our individuality, our personhood. Scientific studies have shown that 99.99% of a person’s DNA is the same as that of other people, but the remaining .1% is unique…

NO GOOD WORK IS TRIVIAL – 11 March 2018, 4th Sunday Of Lent

2 Chronicles 36:14-17, 19-23; Ephesians 2:4-10; Jn 3:14-21 Shiu Lan Lent is a good time for us to reflect on the way we live. Are we living according to the teaching of Jesus and of His Church?


Aurelio Porfiri The election of a South American Pope has brought this part of the American continent to the center of the attention of Catholic media and public opinion. 

CHURCH FATHERS (14) – Saint Theophilus Of Antioch

Anastasios In the society we live, it is not rare to be among people who don’t believe in the Gospel. This is true not only in Asian societies, where for the most part Christianity is the faith of a minority,…

THEOLOGICAL REFLECTION (13) – The Davidic Covenant: The Psalm Tradition II (Psalms 73–150)

Joni Cheng Psalms 72 to 150 consist of Book III, Book IV and Book V, which represent different periods of the Davidic Covenant.

INTERVIEW WITH MONSIGNOR GENO SYLVA – New Evangelization needs catechesis

Magdalene Chan and Andrew Lam Monsignor Geno Sylva is an official of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization. He gave the interview after the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the publication of the Catholic Catechism of the…


Tej Francis VATICAN CITY Pope Francis: Fresh violence in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta is ‘inhumane’ (CNA/EWTN News) After a week of heavy bombardment near Damascus left hundreds of civilians dead, Pope Francis has made an appeal for global leaders to rally…