MARIAN APPARITIONS (54) – Pellevoisin, France

Estelle Faguette, age 33, lay dying from pulmonary tuberculosis, acute peritonitis, and an abdominal tumor.  On February 10, 1876, a doctor declared that she only had hours left to live.  On February 14, during the night, a demon appeared at the foot of her bed.  But then she also saw the Blessed Virgin at her bedside, rebuking the demon – which immediately departed.

“Fear nothing, you are my daughter.  Have courage for you are to suffer for five more days in honor of the five wounds of Christ.  On Saturday, you will be either dead or cured.”

The next night, on the 15th of February, both the Devil and Virgin appeared at the same moment.

“Be not afraid, for I am here.  This time my Son is showing His Mercy.  He will let you have life; on Saturday you will be healed.”

But Estelle said that she was ready to die, if she could choose, because she felt ready.  Mary responded with a smile,

“Ungrateful, if My Son gives you life, it is because you need it. What other more precious thing can He give the people on Earth other than life? Don’t think that you will be free from suffering. No! You will suffer and not be free from troubles. This is what life brings.  You have touched My Son’s heart by your self-denial and patience.  Don’t   lose those fruits by making the wrong choice. Did I not say that if He lets you live, you shall make My glory known?”

Estelle had many visits by the Virgin Mary and many messages.

During the fourteenth appearance on November 11th, Mary praised Estelle for making a scapular and asked that she make many more.

The fifteenth and final apparition occurred on December 8th, 1876.  Mary appeared “more beautiful than ever” and said,

            “You will see me no more.  I shall be with you, but invisible.  You need not be afraid.”

Estelle asked Mary if she could have the scapular Mary was holding.  Mary just told her to come and kiss it.  The Blessed Virgin bent down towards Estelle so she could kiss the scapular – a most memorable and wonderful moment for Estelle.  Mary added that she wanted her to go to higher authorities and have a model of this scapular reproduced.

“Tell him that helping you do this pleases Me more by seeing my children wear it – while they turn away from everything else which insults My Son while people receive the Sacrament of His Love – and do all they can to repair the damages already done.  See the graces which I shall pour out over all who wear it in trust of me and while spreading this devotion.”

The apparitions were quickly recognized by Monsignor de La Tour d’Auvergne, the Archbishop of Bourges.  He authorized the making and distribution of the scapular and allowed public worship of Our Lady of Pellevoisin.  The Archbishop ordered two canonical inquiries into the apparitions, which resulted in a favorable verdict on December 5, 1878.  Later, in 1883, the parish priest of Pellevoisin, Fr. Salmon, accompanied by Fr. Auvrelle, the Vicar General, journeyed to Rome to present Pope Leo XIII with a bound record of the apparitions and a picture of Our Lady of Pellevoisin.  The Pope was pleased to grant indulgences to encourage pilgrimages to the shrine.

Estelle was privileged to visit Pope Leo XIII on two occasions, during which the Pope promised to submit her scapular of the Sacred Heart to the Congregation of Rites.  A decree was issued two months later approving the scapular

Estelle Faguette died in Pellevoisin at the age of 86 on August 23, 1929 – 53 years after her miraculous healing from death at the age of 33.

Compiled from by Tej Francis

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