Be a gift for others

Sr Sam

Come the month of December, everyone thinks about Christmas and celebration.

Everyone is excited, waiting to buy new clothes, new cosmetics and gadgets. Food and branded sweet items get more attractive. It is noticeable that Christmas has become more commercialized than its original meaning.

Christmas is a celebration, celebration of “giving”. God “giving Himself” to humanity. And this celebration of “giving” will be incomplete, if we, those who celebrate Christmas don’t give ourselves to others, especially those who are in need.   Because it is in “giving”, that one feels happiness and fulfillment. One may wonder, what can I give? Everyone has everything. Though everyone has everything, they are still poor , because they don’t have anyone nearby to talk, to share their feelings with, their difficulties. They are poor, when they don’t have their children nearby, they are poor when they have lost their loved ones. They are in poor when their teenage children land up in drug addictions, they are poor when they are suffering psychologically — depression and loneliness drags them to the darkness of their life.

It is to them we need to give, to give our time, our presence, our consoling words, and our support.

That is the celebration of Christmas. Let us bring meaning to our life and to the life of others. Let us not get lost in technologies, and electronic gadgets: they are only an instrument to make life easy. But they are not life itself. Let us not get lost in decorations outside, but decorate our hearts, and be a blessings for others.

You are life, you are celebration. Don’t celebrate Christmas. But be a Christmas!


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