LADDER TO NEW GENERATION – Macau House USA wants official Macanese Youth Day

Pedro Daniel Oliveira

Macau House USA President Henrique Manhão wishes to render official the Macanese Youth Day under the Council of Macanese Communities.

“The Macanese Youth Day was presented several times to the General Assembly of the Council of Macanese Communities, but was never seriously discussed. We will return to this subject at the next gathering of Macanese communities, in about two and half years time in Macau,” Mr Manhão told O CLARIM.

Macanese identity ends without new people, he said. “We need young and dynamic leaders, so those belong to the young generation can be the future leaders of the Macau Associations in diaspora,” added Mr Manhão, head of the organization based in California, United States.

Meanwhile, Macau House USA members will celebrate this Apr 23 their Macanese Youth Day with dance, music and Macanese cuisine at the Macau Cultural Center, in Fremont, California.

“We’ll have a music band of seven led by the successful Macanese singer Elsa Denton. We are expecting a big number of youngsters, like we had in previous years. And to ensure greater participation, there will be special prizes announced on the day. Although it’s a Macanese Youth Day, all members are invited to attend,” he stressed.

“Macau House USA is very grateful to the Council of Macanese Communities, which has always supported our activities,” President Manhão said, referring to the backing received to organize this year’s event.

Photo caption: Photo shows President Henrique Manhão, third on the left

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